Roland releases new free TR-REC Game for iOS

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Sensational new game for music making, a first of its kind!

Synchronizing to an array of dance music rhythms, enjoy the challenge of completing powerful dynamic beats using one of the most famous and unique composition tools of today’s dance music.

Start the game with a simple rhythm. After you master the basics, step it up by moving onto the next level. The rhythms for each level will be progressively more complex and sure to entertain both beginners and the most experienced of music makers in Dance Music.

TR-REC is a free download in the App Store.

▼Quick to start
Just complete a rhythm by following the “GUIDE”

▼Watch your time, it’s the key to winning the game
Complete each rhythm within the target time.
The faster you finish, the higher your score!

▼Win Medals (Coins)
Hit a high score and win medals

▼ Rich library of Dance Music
Enjoy a variety of dance music genres on each stage.

TR-REC is free of charge

* Monetize in applications (Restore Life, Expand Life, Release Stage etc.)
* Functions to upload to SNS

ROLAND TR-77 Analog Rhythm Box 1973 | HD DEMO |

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The Roland Rhythm 77 (exact model name: TR-77) is a non programmable analog rhythm box. It is the predecessor of the Roland CR series, some drum sounds are quite similar. All rhythms are mixable. Volume sliders for BASSDRUM, SNARE, GUIRO, MARACAS/HIHAT/CYMBAL allow more variety of the patterns. The TR-77 has that classic Roland analog sound. Roland choosed the flat design to fit on top of organs.

I played the TR-77 with a small amout of ambience from a Lexicon MPX-500. Beginning at 4:10 and in the intro I played the TR-77 through a Korg SDD-3000 delay.

Roland Boutique Exploration (JX-03,JU-06,JP-08,Volca Beats)

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Playing with sounds on the Roland Boutique series. Just exploring about with the sounds.

KOMA Elektronik Komplex Sequencer – MIDI Jam

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In this video, we hook up the Roland TR8, Access Virus C and Korg Volca Bass for a downtempo electronic trip.

Sequencer A controls the Virus C, while Sequencer D controls the Volca Bass. The Komplex is slaved to the TR8’s MIDI clock. The skip step mode is used on the Volca Bass to vary the bassline. Meanwhile, ratcheting repeats are added to the Virus C’s pattern to create unique rhythms. The gate length and output range also change.

Time machine: Roland Jupiter-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

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This video demonstrates the sound of the Roland Jupiter-6.

The Jupiter-6 is an incredible analog synth. All of the Jupiters have a sound that was unlike any other synthesizer and the Jup 6 is no exception. This sound is due in part to classic analog Roland technology in its filters, modulation capabilities and a thick cluster of 12 analog oscillators at 2 per voice. Easy and intuitive programming via front panel sliders, knobs and buttons for all your tweaking needs.

The Jup 6 is a scaled down version of the Jup 8 in terms of programming and polyphony. However the Jup 6 has some major improvements of its own such as newly added MIDI control and better tuning stability! While the Jup 6 does have MIDI, the implementation is very rudimentary and hard to control. The Jup 6 was one of the very first (along with the Sequential Prophet 600) synths to use the then new MIDI protocol, and the implementation on the Jup 6 is far from complete.

Synthcom Systems, Inc. offers the Europa firmware upgrade for the Jupiter-6 which gives it an up-to-date and comprehensive MIDI implementation. All parameters are controllable via Continuous Controller or SysEx. Europa also features an extensive arpeggiator which will sync to MIDI clock with programmable clock divisors and rhythms, and has about 50 more playback variations than the JP-6’s original Up, Down, Up/Down, and Down/Up. A Europacized Jupiter-6 is a thoroughly modern synth with a classic sound.

The Jupiter-6 is an excellent for ambient drones, pads, blips, buzzes and leads. The Jupiter-6 is known for being a very reliable, programmable, polyphonic, analog monster of a synthesizer!

New limited edition white Roland JD-Xi

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Now available in an all-white body while supplies last, the compact JD-Xi synth is powerful, versatile and fun.

The JD-Xi has become one of the best selling synthesizers in the U.S. by offering a unique crossover sound engine with the warm, smooth response of classic analog, and the clarity and versatility of modern digital. Players can enjoy fat, warm analog bass and lead tones with ample controls for hands-on tweaking, plus polyphonic PCM essentials like electric piano, brass, guitar, and many others — all in one keyboard.

Equipped with 37 mini keys, the JD-Xi features a true analog synth engine along with a wide selection of Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL digital sounds. This affordable instrument also comes packed with many extras for self-contained music creation, including built-in drum kits, a four-track pattern sequencer, and a gooseneck mic for using the synth’s Vocoder and AutoPitch effects.

For more information on the features and specs, visit

Roland Boutique JP-08 – Review and demo

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An ACB emulation of the Jupiter 8, one of the most iconic polysynths ever made. A tall order. We take a look at the new Boutique JP-08

Roland Boutique JU-06 – Sonic LAB Review

November 10, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on Roland Boutique JU-06 – Sonic LAB Review 

Roland’s new Boutique range aims to emulate some classic poly synths, with the JU-06 the Juno 106 – how did they do?

Roland RSP-550 Reverb Demo

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An internet friend was asking me how the Roland RSP-550 sounds, in particular the short room reverbs. I really love my RSP-550 and I bought it new when it first came out many years ago.

Roland Boutique Audio Test

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Just a quick test with the JX-03 and JU-06, each running a sequence. Audio recorded straight out of the JX-03 into the video recorder.

You can hear how wonderfully Roland emulated that noise chorus from the Juno 106.

I’m very happy with the way these these sound. Do they successfully emulate the vintage analog synths 100%? No. They don’t. But they capture the vibe and spirit of what makes their vintage parents so amazing, and at the price they really can’t be beat.

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