Bud Melvin, live @ DataPort 9/17/11 [Portland, OR]

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DataPort is a bi-monthly event hosted by 2 Player Productions and the A Jumps! B Shoots! podcast. Each installment showcases a wide variety of musicians from around the world united by their reappropriation of gaming and computing hardware as instruments for creating original compositions compositions.

For more information on the next show, please visit: facebook.com/​DataPortPDX

The next DataPort is currently scheduled for Friday, December 2nd 2011.

More videos from the September show will be posted over the coming weeks.


Pixel mania

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Many of you know that I am agreat fan of manga, anime, tokidoki and similar art stuff and pixel art is no exception. Pixel art gives the same type of pleasure as C64/bitpop music and therefore I just wanted to share one of my favorite pixel sites – which in principal is just one big f-cking image – printed it would certainly cover a very large painting – a smal snap shot from it is pasted below, but be sure to click the image to see the actual one and make sure to surf around in the pixel world.


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Once again its time for Dreamhack here in Sweden – the largest game and hacking event, of course a crew from the place where I work will be there – video blogging. You can watch it live at www.metrobloggen.se/tat
or pay a visit to the official website here >>
At 8 am the first visitor entered the gates of DreamHack Winter 2007. One hour later had over 2 100 people checked in and were busy finding their spot among all the tables.
The total number of visitor are increasing every second and the entrance-staff will be busy all day since over 8 300 tickets have been sold.
And by the way if you have a PS3 (anyone wants to donate one to me?) don´t miss out on the new Ratchet and Clanc release

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