Podolski – free Linux synthesizer instrument from u-he

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u-he has announced a Linux version of Podolski, a free synthesizer instrument previously released for Windows and Mac.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of KVR member abique, we now have *native* Linux VST2 x64-bit builds of our plug-ins.

Needless to say, this is first steps. Hence, we figured we’d throw out a nice freebee to get as much feedback as we possibly can from the Linux audio community.

The plug-in is available for download from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More info here >>

KXStudio (Ubuntu based) – SynthsNSamplers demo

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Promotional propaganda video showing KXStudio 10.04-3 in action. In this part we examine some of the synths and samplers that come with KXStudio. Note that only a selected few of the plugins and standalone apps are shown here…

KXStudio is a multimedia oriented linux distribution based on ubuntu. It comes with a heap of multimedia, audio and midi applications, tons of audio plugins, 2D – 3D graphics applications, fonts and more…

ZynAddSubFX Demonstration – Wild Cat in Space

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This was my entry to the 26th One Synth Challenge – ZynAddSubFX

One Synth Challenge Web Site:

ZynAddSubFX was originally developed on Linux by Paul Nasca
All the sounds come from the new VST version (ported to the VST platform by me – Vlad Ionescu a.k.a. VDX, using the original 2.4.1 linux codebase).

To make this video I used

ZynAddSubFX VST v2.4.1.475beta

available for download here:

The patches used are available here:

The melody can be downloaded here:

Cool VSTs for Linux

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Create music today, rather than tomorrow…
With features such as no loading-time, all-in-one synth, fx and sequencer, drum machine track, high quality time-stretching/pitch-shifting, REX2 and VST plugin support…you just can’t go wrong with energyXT2.

<!– downloads

» no loading time
» all-in-one synth, fx and sequencer
» HQ time-stretching & pitch-shifting
» clip-based automation
» runs on Linux, out-of-the-box!
» great user community


Whats new in version 2.0

» 100% re-worked workflow
» elastique time-stretching and pitch-shifting
» drag & drop REX2 groove support, with slice editing
» non-destructive audio reverse
» shuffle/swing on midi, audio and drum tracks
» clip based automation embedded into midi, audio and drum clips
» warm and clean sounding phase modulation synthesizer with sample support
» multi-fx processor
» drum track with sample support
» main mixer with unlimited sends, inserts and group channels
» searchable browser with sample preview
» midi, audio and drum clips can be saved as self-containing library clips
» enhanced controller maps
» Works out-of-the box on Linux



The sequencer in energyXT2 works the same way as in Cubase and Logic and offers audio recording, different track types, clip based automation of mixer/EQ and VST plugins. It also has some unique features like drum-machine track, per audio clip resample & elastique time-stretching and modeless editing. Tracks can be arranged into folders to save screen space and VST plugin editors can be docked into separate tabs.


The built-in synth/sampler is a phase modulation synthesizer and sample player in one. You can layer and split synthesized and sampled sounds anyway you want. There are all the standard features like multi-mode filter, LFO’s, vibrato and glide. Add per sound phaser/chorus/flanger and per program reverb and delay send effects and you have yourself a workstation. The sound is very “Warm and clean” : bass/pads | bass/lead | synth pad | filter | bass sweep | fm synth | detuned bass | feedback synth

Drum track

The new drum track in energyXT2 works like an audio track with a built in drum sampler. The drum editor looks like a real drum machine and samples can be dropped right into it for quick drum set construction. Drumsets can be saved as presets. To create a new drum track, simply drag a drumset preset or just a wav file into the sequencer, and the drum track will be created for you automatically.


All settings in the main mixer cam be automated from the sequencer, including volume, pan, mute, EQ and effect parameters. There are no limit to how many insert and send effects you can use in a project, well except for your CPU that is. Group channels are available for sub mixing, and can be automated just like normal mixer channels and supports insert and send effects as well. The mixer is dockable, and presets for different mixer views can be customized.


VST plugins, samples and presets can be dragged into the sequencer tracks and mixer effect slots. energyXT2 will autodetect if you drop a VST instrument into the sequencer, create a new MIDI track and connect it to the instruments automatically. Same if you drop a drum sample, a drum track will be created for you, ready to play!

Modular environmnet

energyXT2 offers a modular design, but its up to you if you want to use its features or not. The “Comps” view visualizes all the VST plugins, sequencers and audio inputs/outputs used in your project. In the comps view, you can easely set up energyXT2 as a standalone effect processor. Drop a few effetcs into the comps view, route audio input thru the effect plugins and then to the master out.

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