Exploring the Moog Mother-32 and the Eurorack Modular Environment

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In this video we explore the possibilities of the the new Moog Mother-32 semi-modular analog synthesizer hosted within Eurorack modular system. The Mother-32 has already been met with high praise from experienced modular users to the novice.

Instead of reviewing its features, we wanted to demonstrate a variety of creative patches to show the Mother’s timbral and musical prowess.

We’ve numbered each patch in the video. Tell us what you’re favorites are in the comments below.

Patch #1: 0:14
Patch #2: 2:10
Patch #3: 2:41
Patch #4 3:11
Patch #5 3:59
Patch #6 4:42
Patch #7 5:36
Patch #8 6:44
Patch #9 8:31

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New video on the Moog channel: Multiverse | Ott

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Utilizing the Moog Modular System 55, the psychedelic dub artist known simply as Ott designs a sonic environment in which to explore the duality of connection and isolation.

Learn more about the System 55 at:

Hear more from Ott at:

Fanfare: Yamaha DX7 II, Moog Sub 37 & Korg Gadget for iPad

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Analog, digital and virtual :) A synth jam with Yamaha DX7II, Moog Sub 37 and Korg Gadget for iPad.

Fx: TC-Helicon Voice Live GTX (chorus and reverb for the DX7 II) and Zoom MS70 CDR (chorus, reverb and delay for the Sub 37).

Arturia MicroBrute + Moog FreqBox – -The FrankenSynth

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Since they both have a healthy amount of Control Voltage connectivity, it is easy to use the oscillator in a Moog FreqBox as a 2nd oscillator on an Arturia MicroBrute. It is also possible to mute the MicroBrute oscillator and just use the FreqBox oscillator. Things really take off when the Freqbox effect and the sequencer are engaged. Learn more at www.experimentalsynth.com

Moog Minimoog vs. ПОЛИВОКС Polivoks Synthesizer – sound battle

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the battle 😉
Moog Minimoog (USA 1978) vs. Formanta Polivoks (USSR 1982)

The Polivoks is no Minimoog copy!
The MM has three VCOs and the PV two of them. The PV has a lowpass and a bandpass filter, loop envelopes, auto trigger, a LFO with different waveforms and a lot more features.

This demo video only show the character of the two synths with near indentical sound programs.
I used not VCO3 in the Minimoog and not the bandpass filter in the Polivoks.

Both are fantastic synths with unique sound character.

Moog Mother 32 Sound Overview

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Sound demo of Moog Mother-32 synthesizer. Full review: https://ask.audio/articles/review-moo…

Moog Mother 32 and Korg MS20 Mini

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The big name Modular synths. They like each other.

Minimoog Model D vs Voyager – comparing waveforms

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This is just a comparison between the Minimoog Model D and the Voyager’s different waveforms.
>> “I realize after making this that one can’t really compare one synth’s saw to another’s square.”

Moog Synth Heaven At the SoundLab

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Finlay Shakespeare takes us through his role looking after the huge System 55 and other beauties. Possibly the dream job

New video from Moog: Hans & Clint | Masters At Work

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A view inside the personal studios and creative processes of acclaimed film composers, Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell.

Hans Zimmer:

Clint Mansell:

Moog Music:

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