Arjen Schat | Sequential Session: Analog Four + Little Phatty

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Sequential Session with Elektron Analog Four and Moog Little Phatty.

MOOG Sub37 Firmware 1.1.0 testing

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Moog Sub 37 Firmware 1.1.0 Sequencer testing & some tweakings

Moog has released a new update – Sub 37 1.10 Firmware Demo

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Moog today released a major firmware update for the Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer.

The update adds a variety of step sequencing features, including step edit mode, skips, ratcheting and per-step mod sequencing; control voltage mapping that lets you control just about anything via the external CV inputs; and the option to add randomness to the oscillator tuning.

Video: Yesterday I got a note from Moog that the long anticipated 1.10 firmware for the Moog Sub 37 was now available. Today I scheduled time in my studio to install it and test out some of the new features. This update is significant because the bulk of the updates are new features! In this video I demonstrated step edit mode and quick mapping of modulation destinations.

Read the whole post at:…

Moog x Nick Hook – Converse Rubber Tracks Studio

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Get a crash course in analog synthesis from master MOOG engineer Gene Stopp as he talks with DJ/Producer Nick Hook at the MOOG factory in Asheville, NC for Converse Rubber Tracks Moog Week.

Moog Minimoog sound design tutorial Pink Floyd Welcome To The Machine

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Vintage synthesizer sound tutorial series featuring the Minimoog
supported by UVI:

The infamous lead sound in Pink Floyd`s “Welcome To The Machine” made with the Moog Minimoog Analog Synthesizer (1975)
album: Wish You Were Here

Arjen Schat | Sequential Session: TriMoog

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Short improvisation with a triple Moog setup and Elektron Octatrack.

Craig Leon | Bach to Moog

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Craig Leon, famous for his work with The Ramones and Blondie, as well as his work in the classical arena with such leading artists as Luciano Pavarotti, Joshua Bell and Sir James Galway, talks about the inspiration behind and the process of creating his latest record: “Bach to Moog.”

In 1968, the album ‘Switched On Bach’ inspired many musicians of the time to explore the wondrous new world of synthesized music making. This ground-breaking album was the first ever to take standard classical repertoire and interpret it solely on a device which generated new sounds electronically. Although there had been research and sonic experiments earlier, it was after this breakthrough release that the synthesizer entered the mainstream of modern experimental and pop music recording.

As a welcome extension to the synthesized exploration of Bach’s music and the many creative opportunities that opened up 50 years ago, ‘Bach to Moog’ album integrates the Moog modular synthesizer into the orchestra as a solo instrument, in ensemble and also as a processor of other instruments.

Album Preorder Links



Bach to Moog, the new album from composer, arranger and producer Craig Leon, showcasing the newly re-issued Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer featuring the works of Johann Sebastian Bach is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Free Moog-Inspired Filterbank For Ableton

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Puremagnetik has released Frequencizer, which they describe as an effect that brings the vintage sound sculpting capabilities of the Moog 914 and Doepfer A-128 fixed filterbanks right to your desktop.

A spokesperson told us, “With 12 fixed band filters, LP / HP controls and even a ‘vintage’ mode, this filterbank adds a unique sonic dimension to Ableton Live. Frequencizer even goes beyond the hardware it emulates to include a realtime spectroscope. Shape your sounds into something completely new or get instantly inspired with this no-nonsense Max for Live audio effect.”

System Requirements
Ableton Live 9.1 or higher with Max for Live 6.1.9 or higher

Pricing and Availability:
Frequencizer  is free through the end of March 2015. It will cost $15 thereafter.

Classical Music: The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

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The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble performing Brandenburg concerto No. 3 BWV 1048. Taken from the album ‘Undercurrents’ available from 19 March on Society of Sound.…
Recorded in the Wood Room at Real World Studios

Moog Sub Phatty – Talkbox Session

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