Wolfgang Flür’s new E.D.Music Channel…….More Interviews and Synth Demos to come!

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Stay tuned with E.D. Music Channel
More interviews and gear demos are coming…
Copyright: E.D.Music Co.
Special thanks: Peter Zinovieff, Isao Tomita, Wolfgang Flür, Hideki Matsutake, CEvin Key, Russell Haswell, Hisashi Saito, Galcid, Doravideo, Risa, Dave Skipper, Kenichi Hata

Wolfgang Flür & Jack Dangers – Staying In The Shadow

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Music video for the Jack Dangers/Wolfgang Flür collaboration ‘Staying In The Shadow’, exclusive limited edition clear vinyl seven-inch, only available via the Electronic Sound Music Club.

Details here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/147541…lect­ronic-sound

Empire State Human announce remix competition

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Dublin-based synthpop act Empire State Human have announced a remix competition hosted exclusively by Laptop Rockers. This is your chance to take part in remixing their new track, “Melancholic Afro,” featuring Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk/Yamo).

Remix Empire State Human

Based in Dublin/Ireland, Empire State Human are vocalist Aidan Casserly and keyboard players Seán Barron and Lar Kiernan. They create a combination of analogue and digital synth sounds, mixed with driving rhythms and overlaid with strong pop vocal melodies. Electronic music with a retro electro edge. In 2004 they had a number one in the US iTunes dance charts and only recently they’ve finished their sixth studio album “Audio Gothic”, which is due out on CD in February.

Read more here >>

Dyko, Yamo, Model >> Ring a bell?

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…well they are all living evidence that Wolfgang Flur has not finished his music career after Kraftwerk. For those of you who still have not come to enjoy Dyko – make sure to check them out :-)


…and for those of you who always wondered what happended to “Das Model”, well here’s Flur’s take on it, not new but clearly worthwhile watching:


…and Yamo, well go check it out for yourself >>

…and the reason I am posting this — I have started to re-read “I was a robot” and got inspired, hehe


Empire State Human ♥ Kraftwerk = True ? read more >>

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Irish electro-pop band Empire State Human has confirmed that former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur will contribute to a track on ESH’s upcoming sixth studio album, Audio Gothic. In addition, ESH will open for The Grid (featuring Dave Ball of Soft Cell) April 5 in Dublin, Ireland. Please follow the links for more information.
Happy Easter !!

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