YMO’s Synth Drum kit and Mr. Hideki Matsutake

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Mr. Hideki Matsutake tries the setup of YMO’s synthesizer drum kit (1979) for the exhibition. He was a member of YMO’s world tour in 1979, as a synthesizer programmer (for Moog modular and Roland MC8, etc).
Shot by ZOOM Q4 at Gakki Fair 2014 (Musical instruments Fair) in Japan.

Weekend music treat with YMO

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Got a tip on Facebook of this really nice song with YMO. Definitely one of my old time favorites

Strange to see sakamoto-san on drums, but then again i’m sure the ‘roles reversed’ was all part of this video :)

YMO synth jam

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A slowed-down ambient-ish cover of Rydeen (ライディーン) by Yellow Magic Orchestra, written by Yukihiro Takahashi. Played on a Roland Juno-6 with a Korg Microkorg providing the ‘percussion

YMO >> Logic System

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Justcame to think about it, if you are a fan of YMO, just like me than you really should check this old 80’s band out. They are especially good if you are studying since this music is good enough to get you into a relaxed moe when trying to focus, but “bad” enough not to get you engaged and start sing a long (this is especially tru since it is instrumental, at least mostly, and you do not understand any of it since it is in japanese.

So let me introduce one of my old time favorites the Logic System

Enjoy and have a nice weekend…



btw sorry it is only still images in the “video”

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