Jean Michel Jarre on tour in Scandinavia…

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…and best of all, he will not go with his more recent ambient electro stuff, but rather make a show covering the gross part of the Oxygene album :-). Which in my mind is one of his best, after Zoolook I stopped purchasing his later stuff, which I believe was noteven close to his previous work.


The tour dates (in swedish, sorry):

Tillsammans med tre musiker och femtio synthesizers kommer franske Jean Michel Jarre till Sverige för en konsert. Den legendariske pionjären inom den elektroniska musiken ska framföra hela repertoaren från albumet “Oxygene” på Cirkus i Stockholm den 4 april.

Jean Michel Jarre är just nu aktuell med en nyinspelning av albumet som har 30 år på nacken och sålt i drygt 12 miljoner exemplar sedan det kom ut 1977. Fransmannen började sin musikkarriär på 1970-talet och hans första fullängsalbum “Deserted Palace” kom ut 1972.

Han är känd för sina stora utomhuskonserter och hans senaste spelningar i Sverige hölls 1997.

Den 4 februari släpps biljetterna till Cirkuskonserten.


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Excellent resource for Spacesynth

Spacesynth, synthdance, spacedance, spacedisco or whatever you want to call it is instrumental upbeat synth music that focuses on melodies instead of rhythm. Driving basslines, catchy synth riffs, sci-fi influences and futuristic track titles and album covers have always been a major part of spacesynth.

Spacesynth originated in the mid 80’s. At that time synthesizers and electronic sounds had become an essential part of popular music and were widely used by such artists as Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Art of Noise. Synthpop hits like Magnetic Fields 2, Pulstar and Magic Fly are well known tracks even today.


Listen to Protonic Storm >> 

Protonic Storm is a synthdance project by Krzysztof Radomski. The creator of Protonic Storm lives in Kowary, Poland. He’s the first synthdance artist from Poland who has released music abroad! Krzysztof has been making music since 1997, mainly synthdance, but sometimes also psychedelic trance and ambient. At first he put some of his tracks to, then to sites like (formerly known as and finally


Epsilon Pages,

Moogulator, Jean Michel Jarre & Crazy Adds

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Well couldn´t help myself, needed to post all these things at once, see if you can find the common link – the red line :-)

Listen to the Moogulator – its awesome!!


And who didn´t know this about Mr. Jarre….


And if you want to find more adds like this – don´t miss out on this site


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