Sugar Bytes Unique on the Samsung S6 (external sequencer)

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Monotribe synced to a Korg SQ-1 sequencer, which triggers the Sugar Bytes Unique on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Audio Evolution Mobile 4 – new major update to the Android DAW

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eXtream Software Development has released Audio Evolution Mobile 4, a major update to its Android DAW.

Version 4 contains many enhancements in the MIDI/instrument area including a drum pattern editor and easier workflow for working with instruments.

To offer a wide range of quality instruments, eXtream Software Development partnered with Digital Sound Factory to license original sounds from several E-MU rack synthesizers (Orbit, Planet Phatt, Xtreme Lead), the Native Instruments Kontakt Keyboards collection and 5 professionally recorded drum kits. These are available as in-app purchases.

Changes in Audio Evolution Mobile 4

  • Drum pattern editor: create drum tracks with ease.
  • New instrument selection screen with pre-listen facility: tap on an instrument to hear it or play your USB MIDI keyboard while changing between sounds.
  • Instrument selection screen now also features an option to purchase new soundfont packs: we have officially licensed instruments from Digital Sound Factory, including original sounds from several E-MU rack synthesizers like the Orbit, Planet Phatt and Xtreme Lead and from the Native Instruments Kontakt Keyboards collection. We also have 5 professionally sampled drum kits for different music styles (jazz, funk, rock, etc.).
  • Soundfonts use a lot less memory: only the data from used presets are loaded into memory.
  • New status screen showing connection status of USB audio and MIDI devices graphically.
  • Instrument tracks now feature an audio bus. This means you can now apply insert effects, output audio from instrument tracks to a bus etc., just like a regular audio track.
  • Instruments can now be selected from a new button in the mixer channel strip. Pressing the MIDI keyboard part of the button is the same as arming the track, popping up the virtual keyboard.
  • Added preference option to disable scrolling of the display during playback.
  • Added preference option to select the recording file type (wav/flac/ogg).
  • Added option ‘Merge all clips’ to MIDI track menu.
  • Added option ‘Track options…’ to audio and MIDI clip menu so that there is no need to find an empty spot on a track to trigger the track menu.
  • ‘Ask to fit clip’ after leaving the piano roll editor now quantizes the clip to a whole bar.
  • Piano roll editor now defaults to a more usable zoom level.
  • The path where soundfonts are loaded from can now be set in the preferences.
  • When importing a broadcast wav file, the app will ask if you want to use the embedded offset information or not.
  • Recordings are now split at nearly 2GB instead of 1GB.
  • Added quantize to MIDI clip menu.
  • You can now use the green time marker to scroll the display (so you don’t need to switch to Scroll mode in some situations).
  • You can now make changes (draw/remove/move) while playing a loop in the piano roll editor.
  • Creating a new MIDI clip by tap-and-slide on the time line now quantizes to whole bars for ease of use.
  • Added a ‘Visit forum’ option to the Help menu.
  • After changing sample rates, the start and end times of MIDI clips changed. Solved.
  • Quantizing triplets was incorrect. Solved.
  • Loop button was not always displayed in the piano roll editor, even when there was enough space. Solved.
  • Using the virtual keyboard during recording could cause more latency than during monitoring. Solved.

Audio Evolution Mobile is available for purchase for 5.99 EUR.

ModSynth – The fourth modular synthesizer for Android

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ModSynth allows the creation of many different kinds of music synthesizers. Connect any number of oscillators, filters, delays and other synthesizer modules in a graphical flow editor. Then, adjust the settings of each module while playing the instrument to get a desired sound. Save as many instruments or variants of an instrument as you’d like. Eight built-in instruments are provided to help you get started.

The free version is ad supported and contains the following modules:
– Keyboard to receive the notes as they are played (via the onscreen keyboard or a MIDI keyboard)
– Pad to control two dimensions of sound, such as pitch and volume, for theremin-like control
– Oscillator to generate different “raw” tones
– Filter to shape the overtones of the sound
– Envelope for describe how a value (such as overtones or volume) change over time
– Mixer to mix two sounds together
– Amp for change the amplitude of the sound
– Delay for delays and echo effects,
– Output to hear (and see!) the sound
In-app purchase the full version (for $4.99 US) to remove ads, unlock advanced capabilities, and access additional synthesizer modules:
– MultiOsc for smooth chorus sounds,
– Operator for building FM synthesis,
– PCM for sampled sounds,
– Sequencer for adding loops,
– Reverb for simulating room acoustics.

ModSynth has USB MIDI support for external MIDI keyboards. It has low latency on devices supporting Android low latency (such as Nexus). All oscillators are anti-aliased, providing low distortion at higher frequencies.

A guide to using ModSynth can be found at

If you don’t see a capability you’d like, comment! There’s a good chance it can be added!

Ninja Jamm for Android – free touch-controlled, four-channel sample-based music-making app

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Ninja Tune has released Ninja Jamm for Android, a free, easy-to-use, touch-controlled, four-channel sample-based music-making app designed by Coldcut.

UK independent dance label Ninja Tune’s Ninja Jamm puts you behind the wheel of an app that is a revolutionary combination of music and software. Instantly useable yet powerful, it will stun you with the music you can create. Build your own tunes from Samplepacks, and remix Tunespacks from Ninja artists. Touch to mix and mash clips in the clip matrix, trigger and scratch one shots, tilt and shake to apply radical FX, and record and share your jamms.

The app is FREE with 4 packs of content from Coldcut, Roots Manuva and sample dons Loopmasters. Purchase the Share+ extra to access all the Share options and the Android-only special function MultiScreenLayout which opens up even more fun, for less than half the price of a coffee!

The app is now available for download for both iOS and Android.

GrooveMaker 2 for Android – Remixing Invented

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Coming soon – for more information

Remixing Reinvented – Loop remixing taken to a whole new dimension

GrooveMaker® 2 is the revolutionary Android app that lets you to create non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks, in real-time, anywhere, with results that sound like they were produced by a professional DJ.

Making music with loops will never be the same.

Kosmische virtual analog synthesizer (Android synth music app)

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Quick show of the ‘Kosmische Virtual Analog Synthesizer’ that’s out there for Android smartphones.

“I have it on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and enjoy using it. Here’s more about it at AlltFö (in Swedish but Google translate might help) –… ”

Kosmische virtual analog synthesizer:

  • Two multi-waveform oscillators: Saw, Pulse, Sine, Noise
  • A Moog-style resonant lowpass filter
  • Two multi-waveform, routable LFOs: Sin, Triangle, Pulse, Random
  • Independent filter and amp envelopes
  • Tuneable delay and reverb
  • An analog-style step sequencer
  • A scale-derived random pattern generator
  • Independent patch and pattern memory
  • Random patch generation

Mikrowave sequenced synthesizer for Android: version 2.0

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Showcase of version 2.0 of Mikrowave displaying the revamped user interface, all-new formant filter interpolation, arpeggiator, secondary tuneable oscillator, pitch shifting effects and fine tuned drum sounds.

Mikrowave is available for free (without ads or time constraints) and as a paid version that allows users to save and export their songs (either as WAV, publish directly to SoundCloud or as MIDI).

All sounds were generated by Mikrowave on an Asus Nexus 7 tablet.

You can get it on Google Play :

What’s new in Caustic 3.1

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Supplemental video to the Caustic 3 overview video to show what’s new in this release.

The full app overview is here:…

New KSSynth tutorial is here:…

As a thank-you to those who actually *watch* these tutorial videos, I’ve made this little tutorial showing how to unlock a fun little extra feature in Caustic 3.1

ARPIO — A New Musical Instrument for Android

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Google Play:…

ARPIO is a new musical instrument designed to play arpeggios*. Move up-and-down the matrix to set the pattern’s speed, or left-and-right to set its pitch. Tilt the device to control volume and pitchbend, or shake for vibrato.

A similar version of ARPIO is available on iOS devices, under the name Arpeggionome (

*An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played in sequence, rather than ringing out simultaneously.

Phoenix Studio is coming to Android and iOS

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Phoenix Studio is coming to Android and iOS. Three monosynths, a drum machine, a mixer and some effects – what else do you really need? Oh yeah, a sequencer, so you can put it all together! And all this is what PhoenixStudio is!


Get it here >>

Below is a text from Android Mobile on the topic:

This is a great new addition to the Android music making applications if you are interested in the more acid / synthesizer aspect of music making, but can of course be used for more than acid type of sounds. It comes with three Synthesizers and one Drum track with the possibility to sequence and comes with some effects plus the possibility to record changes on the fly.
It is the same amount tracks, sound modules and being 303’ish in the sounds it creates it could be compared to Mikrosonics RD4. The biggest difference is that RD4 is much easier to use as a Groovebox ( if not the easiest to use Groovebox ) and RD4 comes with more effects, more possibilites and full midi integration but…
Have not used PhoenixStudio much but my impression is it seems to have much clearer and better sound, making it interesting for people that would like something similar to RD4 but are more interested in the sound and less in the Groovebox aspect.

Read the full story here >>

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