ARP 2600 clone The TTSH

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TTSH is a DIY clone of the mega legendary modular synthesizer the ARP 2600 from the 70s. All sounds are coming from the TTSH in this track The clone which will be included on the Firechild album Fireheart , release mid 2015.

The Warp analogue synthesizer: oscillators [rough demo]

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Rough demo of the VCO section: waveforms, FM, Sample & Hold effects. This is only a low quality demo, PLEASE GO THEWARPSYNTH.COM FOR HQ AUDIO DEMOS, THX!

TheWarp is a modern reinterpretation of the legendary ARP 2600 semimodular synthesizer, produced by ARP Intruments from 1970 to 1981.

TheWarp is based on the original schematics and is built with analogue components in traditional THT mounting and soldering process. According to the developers, the functions and technical specs are identical to those of the original instrument.

TheWarp’s front panel has been modernized to fit within standard 19″ rack size. The new instrument does, though, retain the graphic design, the size of the sections and feel of the original.

WARP – A legend brought back to life?

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TheWarp is a modern reinterpretation of the legendary ARP 2600 semimodular synthesizer produced by ARP Intruments from 1970 to 1981.

Website to come at

Update: “TheWarp is a modern reinterpretation of the legendary ARP 2600 semimodular synthesizer produced by ARP Intruments from 1970 to 1981. It is based on the original schematics and interely built with analogue components in traditional THT mounting and soldering process. Redesigned to fit within the standard 19” rack size, the actual instrument retains the graphic design, the size of the sections and feel of the original. Series productions will start in January 2015, the sale price will be CHF 3’400 (equals approx. 3’600 US $ / 2800 Euro depending on the exchange rate).

TheWarp is the result of a teamwork between Neil Otupacca, electronic engineer and former keyboardist of the swiss rock band Gotthard, well known in the swiss Prog-scene for his skills on the Minimoog and the Hammond organ, and Roberto (Bob) Raineri-Seith, electronic music composer, vintage synth collector and “analogue synthesizer guru” since 1984 . Neil was responsible for the whole technical work, Bob supervised the project, acted as a consultant and is now responsible for marketing and sales. Both were assisted by Claudio Alge, proud owner of two ARP 2600 and a model 1613 sequencer since the mid-70s, who acted as an experienced advisor and by the graphic designer Shanti Maffioli, who redesigned the front panel. All four live in the same area in southern Switzerland and have long relations, so the contact was easy and constant throughout the entire developing and testing phase of the instrument.

TheWarp’s main features and what’s different compared to the original instrument:

• Traditional electronic components mounting and soldering technique (THT) as in the original instrument

• Same electronic parts as in the original, with only a few modern equivalents for discontinued or obsolete components. Notably, we replaced all LM301 with the newer TL071, TL072 and TL074 op amps.

• The entire electronic is now mounted on a single PCB, thus avoiding a lot of wiring between the different sections. The PCB is mounted directly to the front panel by means of the jacks and switches without additional “mounting holes”

• The PCB is a 4-layer design; the top and bottom layers use completely solid areas of copper pour connected to ground. The metallic chassis with the sliders is also connected to the ground for better shielding against electrical interferences.

• The original design, exact size of the sections, aesthetic appeal and feel were retained but adapted to the 19″ format.

• The most complete oscillator design (VCO 2 on the original 2600) was adopted for all 3 VCO’s

• The VCF is based on the first design, aka the 2012 submodule (I think they meant 4012, right?)

• No Voltage Processors, Envelope Follower and Preamplifier? Yes, to fit the new instrument within the 19″ format we had to sacrifice some functions; we’ve choosen to retain only the Ring Modulator and the S&H instead of functions that we considered less important and not directly related to the specific timbre of the original instrument.

• No spring reverb and no speakers? Yes again, for the same reasons. On-board speakers also add weight, and a reverb unit can be added separately to the audio chain if needed. To match the original reverb on the ARP 2600 we recommend an analogue tank spring reverb from Accutronics

• As an important improvement, TheWarp features multi-turn trimmers for easy and precise adjustment. All the trimmers for fine adjustement of the oscillators and the filter are located on the rear of the panel and easily accessible

• Gate and Trig work within the range from 5V to 15V instead of the fixed 10V of the original instrument

• Can TheWarp be considered as a clone of the ARP 2600? Concerning the electronics, definitely yes except only the sections and functions mentioned above.

TheWarp is 19″ wide, 12 U high (480 x 520 mm) and 13 cm (approx. 5 inch) deep.

Detailed infos about the instrument will be published soon here and on a specific website, stay tuned ;-)”

TimewARP 2600 – the “only ARP 2600 emulation endorsed by the original ARP 2600 inventor

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Way Out Ware and Sonivox have teamed up to re-release TimewARP 2600, the “only ARP 2600 emulation endorsed by the original ARP 2600 inventor”.

Now remastered in 64-bit with added support for OS X 10.9 and Windows 8.1, TimewARP 2600 is now available at the lower price of $199.99. What’s more, you can save a further $100 to celebrate the update by using the code “delorean” at the Sonivox checkout.

Time Warp is also available as part of the Air Advance Music Suite.


For nearly 4 decades, the ARP 2600 has helped to provide the backbone for electronic, urban, and popular music. Today, musicians and producers aggressively pursue the limited number of remaining ARP 2600 synthesizers for their distinctive warmth and unmatched fidelity. The TimewARP 2600 delivers the same fat sound with twice the flexibility; at a fraction of the price of the original.

By developing their own proprietary and optimized virtual analog oscillators and filters, WOW brings the most accurate digital reproduction of the 2600’s fat analog sound to your desktop. All of the original control features from the ARP 2600 are there, and because you can now save your carefully programmed patches, the TimewARP 2600 is even better than the real thing.

The ARP 2600 synthesizer helped define the music of an era. Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein, ” The Who’s “Who Are You, ” The Tubes, Jean Michel Jarre, Deep Purple, and on and on. Only 3,000 ARP 2600’s were produced between 1970 and 1981, and they’ve been trading hands among collectors for thousands of dollars ever since.

More info here >>

First Wutierson TTSH unit – ARP2600 clone

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First Wutierson TTSH unit, ARP2600 clone. Designed the remake of the original cabinet tolex to suit the synth because the original ARP2600 is a bit bigger.
This is the first burning test of the first finished unit. After a few calibrations the units can show their genuine sound, the spirit of the ARP2600 grey face is here! Very happy to see that this clone can do the ARP2600 job very well. , 
No external sound processing, the sound is just what comes from the synth. The reverb process is from the built-in spring reverb system.
Sorry for some hard clipping of the sound card, specially at the begining of the video, the 2600 have a lot of dynamic range and take a suprise when Ernesto Romeo did the first patch so I try during the recording with one hand stay filming and with the other adjusting the input fader of the mixer, to avoid hard clipping.

Construction time again: ARP 2600 Clone Time Lapse

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TTSH – ARP 2600 Clone Time Lapse Build. Track includs only sound from the finished TTSH, some additinal delay and eq :).

Martin Widmann documents his build of the ARP 2600 clone, the  Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH) synthesizer.  TTSH  is based on the classic ARP 2600. It’s one of the nicest DIY projects and a a very complex build. The TTSH is available as a kit containing PCBs and front panel. Nothing is pre-built and no components are included, so you have to source your own parts.

The video is a time-lapse video, 36,852 pictures, taken every 5 seconds. The full build is shown, including: ttsh, midi interface, case, calibration & bug fixing.

The soundtrack was made with only the finished TTSH.

More info here >>

Performance on the ARP 2600 “In My Beginning”

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DearbornJohn captures a live performance, featuring the classic ARP 2600 analog synthesizer, sounds of Lake Michigan and a variety of other synths:

Two young Lovers strolling on a desolate Lake Michigan beach are taken in by the beauty of the land and the heat of the moment. The rest is history;) In memory of Mom and Dad
Actual sounds of Lake Michigan ( synthetic bird sounds, ARP 2600 )
The first picture was taken at Ludington State Park and the second picture was taken at Sleeping Bear Dunes both locations in Michigan.
A Big THANK YOU to the other Chris & Minta
All levels mixed Live

ARP 2600 with 2 sequencers

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The ARP 1601 sequencer controls VCO pitch
The Doepfer Dark Time modulates the ARP’s filter
The Doepfer Dark Energy provides some LFO action.

All sounds are live, unprocessed and from the ARP only.

A patch & setup pic can be viewed here:…

The Celebes Sea (featuring vintage analogue keys)

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Original music featuring ARP2600, Moog Voyager, Mellotron, D6 Clavinet, Nord Electro 3 and Fender Rhodes

DIY – Hands on with an ARP 2600 clone

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Testing the second prototype of the Two Thousand Six Hundred, an ARP 2600 clone. This is a DIY kit to be released in September.


Welcome to the site of the Two Thousand Six Hundred project, or TTSH for short. The TTSH is the attempt to replicate an old classic semi-modular synthesizer. It will be available as a kit containing PCBs and front panel (Nothing is pre-built). The goal is to release it this fall, September preliminary.

I’ve put up an interest list, and you can find it here. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, make sure you’re on it. As it’ll be where the information goes once this is live. From now on this will be the main portal for communicating changes in the project. But if you’d still like to know more and follow the evolution of the project, you can read this thread over at Muffwiggler. The project is currently in prototyping stage, where one prototype has been received and built. Errors on the prototype has been fixed, and the second prototype board is being laid out at this moment.

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