Odd free VSTs up for grabs

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Necromare has released some bizarre new free VST’s for Windows.

The include:

  • Free VST Turntable – is a sample-based instrument featuring sounds of an old turntable
  • The Audience – A VST full of foley-type laughter, boos, stomps and cheering
  • Bent Furby – glitch effects and bent phrases based on a bent Furby
  • Speak & Teach – 8 octaves of samples based on 80’s Speak & Spell toys
See the developer’s site for details.


An example:

Sample Based instrument. So I was sitting in my studio when my eye caught an old turntable in the corner. I thought…what the hell. I hooked it up to my mixed and started recording whatever sounds I could get off of it and that is what is presented here for you. Please enjoy and I hope you can find a use for this VST. Included in the zip file is keyboard map to let you know what sound is where.

Glitch and morph with Atari

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A demonstration of our set of custom modifications for the Atari Video Music video synthesizer/audiovisualizer. The modifications involve controls to glitch out and morph the output shape/pattern, a composite video output, operation as a static image synthesizer, upgraded 1/4″ input and thru jacks for both audio inputs, and a distortion output (in which the guitar is run through in some of these clips.) For more information on purchasing a modified video music, or getting yours modified, please visit http://switchedonaustin.com/other-ins…

Be sure to see the rest of Switched On for more. “We specialize in vintage synths, drum machines, effects, full service repair & modifications as well as computer music tools & accessories. Not to mention workshops & classes!

Mille Plateaux’s Kabutogani

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Black and White Glitch

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Bitstream sidestreamed

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It appears that the Connor brothers from the glitchy electro act Bitstream have started recording again but now separately. Dave under the name Uexküll and Steve uses the moniker adapta. I’m very much looking forward following the progress of the Connor brothers respective projects.

set one by Uexküll

And 4 tracks by adapta

Radio active vocoder love by Atom™

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Wellen und Felder from the album Liedgut by Atom™. Released on “Raster-Noton

Loopbased releases Glitch House from Beatluxe

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“Glitch House” from Beatluxe is the combination of groovy backroom house elements with glitch and the driving, repetitive sound of techno. Glitch-based sonic artifacts like clicks, bleeps and scratches have been applied through cutting edge digital filters to create an amazing glitch aesthetic.

If you are looking for up to the minute and detailed Tech-House beats this large palette of infectious, glitched-out grooves will make your productions really stand out. From stripped and raw drum lines to primed beat-starters, from minimal workouts to dark bleeps and basses – Glitch House provides you with no less than 150 ultra-flexible construction loops.


  • 30 full groove loops
  • 30 kick-free top loops
  • 10 percussion loops
  • 15 glitched-out arpeggio loops
  • 30 kick drum loops
  • 10 kick drum fx loops
  • 25 synth loops

Totaling in 150 WAV files, in pristine 24-bit, 143 MB (unzipped) and tempo-labeled (127 BPM) for ease of use.

Price: 15 Euro


New glitch stuff for Reaktor

September 1, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized · 1 Comment 

This is a sneak preview of Twisted Tools’ Buffeater – granular buffer effects for Native Instruments Reaktor 5 (also works up to 5.5 beta).


  • 6 Individual FX:
  • Multi-FX version with dynamic ordering (fx are ordered in the order you play them)
  • Internal Automation (external possible as well)
  • Presets for each fx block within the multi-fx
  • Templates for Kore and Maschine

Pricing and Availability

Buffeater is expected to ship in September. Pricing is TBA.


Music video for Franck Vigrouxs‘ Menottes

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Error Tone, a glitchy and circuit bent sound sample library previously released as a Reason ReFill

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Tone Manufacture Error Tone

Tone Manufacture has released a Kontakt version of Error Tone, a glitchy and circuit bent sound sample library previously released as a Reason ReFill.

We’ve been working late into the night to bring you our first Kontakt library and we’ve made sure that it uses Kontakt’s effects, modulators and script programming to their full potential.

All of our Kontakt libraries will include custom Performance Views to let you get straight to tweaking the most important controls and lots of lovely modulation wheel automation.

Error Tone for Kontakt features

  • 32 instrument patches, from distorted drones to delicate mallet tones.
  • 30 drum and instrument loop patches.
  • 200+ singles hits, from tweeter shredding glitches to low end rumbles.
  • 8 patches with the single hits mapped across the keyboard for ease of use.
  • 46 REX2 loops.
  • Includes mod wheel automation and custom Performance Views to allow easy access to the most important controls.
  • 600+ Mb of content.
  • 24 bit / 48khz high quality audio.

Error Tone is now available to purchase in Kontakt, Reason Refill or Wav / REX2 formats, for the introductory price of £19.99 GBP until August 11, 2010 (regular price £29.99 GBP).

More information: Tone Manufacture / Error Tone

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