KraftWerk @ FrenchTV1978 RARE By Nafoute Radioactivity

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KraftWerk @ FrenchTV1978 RARE By Nafoute Radioactivity

Musique Non Stop

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Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop (final solos)(live in Wien 2014)

Kraftwerk – Home Computer (PK Midines cover)

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Nintendo 8-bit version of “Home Computer” by Kraftwerk. Everything except the vocals are recorded with the Midines, in one shot.

The synthetic speech is made with SayIt by AnalogX:

Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator – CUCKOO Stylophone S2 + OP1

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Here’s an old favourite played solely on the new Stylophone S2, recorded on the OP1.

The video shots are the actual performances.. no fake dubbing. (I had some trouble with the sync though. I’m hoping it’s ok.)

Kraftwerk – Trans Europe express COVER

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Classic Kraftwerk tune, video details below:

No copyright infringement intended.
It’s not quite like the original, neither is not intentend to be.

Sequenced parts sequenced on Cubase 5 (several VSTs were used) then audio mixdown passed to Roland SP-404.

Synhts used:
Korg T3ex Master Midi Keyboard
Roland JP-8000
Yamaha AN1x
Roland XP-60 with SR-JV Vintage Synth Board
Roland JV-2080 with SR-JV Vintage Synth Board
Roland V-Synth XT for vocoder sound

Kraftwerk – The model Live COVER

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No copyright infrigement intented.
Used for the purpose of criticism and education.

NOTE: This is a live cover. I don’t recorded the ambience sound of the public, bacause it was a small auditorium. Record was done though Mixer REC OUT.

Sequenced parts done on Cubase 5, than passed to Roland SP-404.
Hardware instruments used:
Roland SP-404 sampler
Korg T3 Master MIDI keyboard
Yamaha AN1x
Roland XP 60 fully expanded
Roland V-Synth XT
Roland JV-2080 fully expanded
Korg TR-Rack

Dr Blankenstein’s Circuit Bent “Pocket Calculator” Live Demo

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More Dr Blankenstein:

In this video we see a live demo / rehearsal for the Drew Blanke (Dr Blankenstein) for his presentation for MAKE magazine at Moogfest 2014. The jam is based loosely around the Kraftwerk classic “Pocket Calculator” off their “Computer World” album. Keep in mind this is live, and unedited…. just a raw jam on 4 circuit bent pieces.

The pieces include a Mattel Bee-Gee’s “Rhythm Machine” keyboard, Casio ML-831 Musical “Pocket Calculator”, a built from the ground up custom Stylophone and a prototype for the APC2600 V2.6. All pieces have the ILLUMIRINGER device modification kit installed in them, although most of the demo is featuring the pocket calculator in ILLUMIRINGER mode. Only reverb has been added to the mix via the mixer. The beat was made on an Electribe ER-1 and sampled into a Boss loop pedal.

Sorry about the slightly out of tune Stylophone in the beginning, it’s needs to be left on for a bit to warm up and get into tune (kinda like an old moog). Hey, that’s rock n’ roll. It’s worked into the jam nicely… so why not let it roll.

Stay tuned for individual demos of each piece in this video coming at you THIS MONTH (I promise, I know we have been slacking on the videos:) Thanks for watching, please remember to SUBSCRIBE and follow the twitter link up top to stay up to date on the newest Dr. Blankenstein creations.

Better Living Through Circuitry

Time machine: Kraftwerk Rockpalast 1970

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From the Rockpalast Archive
Mixed Media Show
Soest, Germany
Winter 1970

0. Intro
1. Stratovarius
2. Ruckzuck
3. Heavy Metal Kids
4. Improvisation 1

Das Modell (Kraftwerk cover) – iPad project

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Used: iPad Mini, Garageband, Amplitube, iRig, Ibanez Mikro, iRig Mic. Music & Lyrics by Kraftwerk Ⓟ
Cover by Alex Agrico

KOE modular THE MAN MACHINE kraftwerk cover

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Hello World, the man machine cover using the AtomoSynth KOE modular! all sounds come from the KOE modular (except for the drums) including sound effects and the one used with the electroharmonix vocoder, recorded in cubase.

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