Electropop act Adult gets remixed on a Buchla

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And here’s the original:

Purchase “The Way Things Fall” in The Ghostly Store:

Directed by Nicola Kuperus
Costume Designs by Levon Millross

Buchla and MakeNoise Percussion

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Peff explores the Buchla’s percussion capabilities

Buchla testing by Peff

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Background video description:

after a year of working on the Buchla System 200 power supply I kinda gave up on the original power supply and have resorted to using a new 200e power source. however it doesn’t produce the +24vdc for the 265 module. This is just a little test to see how things function, before i dive into work on the easel a bit more.

The Euro Rack system is used to synthesize the perc and drums and also sends clock and random voltages to the Buchla envelope follower. Easel generates the sequence bit, and the 259 creates the the digeridoo-ish drone.

A Bit of Audio Mangling

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An experiment in destruction of beautiful melodies.

Early 1937 recording processed real-time through a Buchla DIY 200 style clone synthesizer that I built.

Reverb was added via computer plug-in… everything else was one take.

Experminetal: synth scatting

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Controlling the Buchla 200 via microphone/envelope detector. See a similar self-generating
patch here: http://youtu.be/JOhjopaPDfs

Buchla 100 Sci-fi Patch

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We all enjoy sci-fi so this video of course need to be shown here :-)

Reverb soaked Buchla 100 blips and bloops

Weinglas – The Dark Drone Commander

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A Drone straight from the Darkness.

Responsible for these Sounds are: Grendel Drone Commander together with EHX Ravish Sitar and Buchla 200e with some Zerosum Inertia Tube ModuleModules and just a little bit of reverb.

For better audio quality you can visit his soundcloud page:

Todd Barton – BEMI Music Easel Jig

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Here’s a little improvised jig on a prototype of the new BEMI Music Easel.

“Whoo-Hoo! I was lucky enough to borrow a prototype BEMI Music Easel the other weekend and give it a test drive. Though my flipcam mic doesn’t do justice to the full range sound — know that this is the cleanest, crispest and full bodied sound in all my sonic arsenal. The integrated keyboard is so intuitive and expressive. The oscillators are deep and rich — great analog sound and feel. Hope you enjoy this little compilation — maybe more to come with a different set of sounds. It is in the production pipeline! Cheers! Todd”

History of the Easel:

The Music Easel is a highly evolved electronic musical instrument. It maintains many of the design philosophies and functional characteristics of its predecessors, the 100 series Modular Electronic Music System and the 200 series Electric Music Box. The Music Easel introduces some substantial innovations in electronic instrument design – innovations that make it a truly expressive real-time instrument for composition and performance.

The Music Easel contains many of the elements commonly used to generate and process sound: a keyboard, sequencer, pulser, preamplifier, envelope detector and balanced modulator; oscillators, gates, envelope generators and filters; facilities for mixing, monitoring and reverberating. Many of these elements possess an unusual degree of sophistication. The keyboard is solid state, with touch sensitive, chromatically organized keys, accurate and reproducible pressure output, tactile feedback, octave shifting, and voltage controlled portamento. A complex oscillator, developed through computer aided simulation studies, is a rich source of complex audio spectra. featuring voltage control of pitch, timbre and waveform, this oscillator provides the Music Easel with a timbral range unapproached by other musical instruments.

The connectives are as important as the elements to be connected. Interconnection within the Music Easel is accomplished with a combination of switching and patching, a system which is flexible, expedient, and open ended. Logical, compact organization and color coded graphic feedback facilitate rapid and effective interaction. Multiple correlations between a performer’s actions and the Music Easel’s responses are readily implemented, enabling a degree of expressive articulation heretofore impossible with electronic instrumentation.

Further augmenting the Music Easel’s real time performability is the capability of permanently storing and immediately retrieving complete instrument definitions (patches) or portions thereof. (An “instrument definition” includes settings of parameters, degrees of articulation, switch positions and interconnections.) Storage entails the installment of resistors on program cards; retrieval is accomplished by plugging in a desired program card and activating a switch.

With its extended timbral resources, unusual expressive capability, and its facility for storage and recall of instrument definitions, the Music Easel opens new horizons to the composer and performer. To appreciate its potential as a new musical instrument the Music Easel must be seen, heard and played.

Sirius cosmic cosmetic²s

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all audio tracks appears to the Quasimidi Sirius
drums, bass, synth, vocoder
cosmetic²s by
Akai MFC 42 Analog Filter Module
Buchla 281e,292e,225e Low Pass Gate
Doepfer Ribbon Controller R2M
fx: Lexicon PCM 80 & 90
Makie Mixer
Logic amt sequencer


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We certainly agree with Kip Kubin on this one:

I’ll admit some some envy of those at NAMM making amazing drones and sequences on the Buchla Music Easel. so I decided to do my best with the Arp2600 and my Make Noise Rene. I’ll also admit the the Rene is so good at what it does I barely touched it and out came some of the best music I’ve heard from my Arp.

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