Weinglas – The Dark Drone Commander

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A Drone straight from the Darkness.

Responsible for these Sounds are: Grendel Drone Commander together with EHX Ravish Sitar and Buchla 200e with some Zerosum Inertia Tube ModuleModules and just a little bit of reverb.

For better audio quality you can visit his soundcloud page:

Grendel : Timewave Zero (Official Music Video)

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Time for some heavy beats on a sunny monday morning, enjoy :-)

Deus…………………………….Josh Delozier
Robo Hobo……………………..Brad Kranich
Data-dealing Stranger…………David Surber
Prix……………………………….Jolene Kay
Neuro Nurse…………………….Vivid Vivka
Body Mod Patient………………Brandon Moore
Hivemind Agent………………..David Surber
Orwellian Cactus Conduit……..Rutger Hauer
Cloud Computing Storm……….Samuel L. Jackson

Deus decisively adorns his trusty, gleaming, obsidian jacket and outdated aviators–then hits the road in a rush.

He embarks on a sojourn through this seemingly teeming with vitality, LED-infused landscape. But it appears that beneath that utopian veneer lurks something far more dysphoric. A totalitarian government, willfully granted by the citizens. Out of the despair induced by this rampant tsunami of data stimuli, denizens no longer have the will try to filter it and decide for themselves what is important and what is extraneous–the human body and mind after all never evolved to support this level of constant mental awareness.

Always, observant of his surroundings Deus voyeuristically gazes at the Substance Datahead degenerate Robo Hobo who torches the infrared datum hand in fist.

Deus clearly disgusted by the possession of technology on the denizen’s minds forges forward–albeit with traces of his own hypocrisy.

Prix glides across a high rise android brothel before Deus’ very eyes, having too been caught up in the downward spiral of data addiction…Injecting her Substance Data µSB into her modded port and feeling her scheduled release.

The Neuro Nurse repairs the Body Mod Patient’s node-based architecture tattooed all-over his body and corrects his cerebellum disk-entry point with her laser torch whilst excising a corrupted node.

The gilded semi-conductor floats through the sky, ready to be confiscated by an ambassador known as “The Hivemind Agent” selling through taxation the information that he thinks is best suited for the lowly and soulless Robo Hobo to know.

The cloud computing storm encroaches upon Deus’ reality and threatens to rob him of the last shreds of his organic humanity once and for all.

Electro-fans get ready >> Re:Publik=Tinitus. Updated!

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The indie-festival Re:Publik arranged by Stockholm University has emerged with Tinitus in a two days festival, May 23-24, held at Stockholm University Campus. The festival is free of charge and the first day is reserved for indie bands and the second for electronic bands. The line-up May 24 is:

Fixmer/ McCarthy
Dupont Oldskool Reunion
Restricted Area
The Pain Machinery


Laibach, Grendel and more @ ElectriXmas

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Well half the Laiback concert was OK – that is the second half when they returned to their old songs rather than performing their new stuff. Their new songs are not catchy enough and they take themselves too seriously – so remain with your back catalogue next time you visit Malmoe. Grendel did an OK impression, although their songs to sound the same when you’ve listened to two or three LOL. Finally I must say OneTwo is a joke and can´t understand what they are doing at a gig like this, apart from their legacy with Alpha Ville – crap.

ElectriXmas was an OK event this year, but lacking one or two of the really big names to round the evening off with, better luck next time. below a couple of snapshots from the event:



Into the Darkness DVD, tempting, but I think I will skip it this time as well

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Apart from the cover this could be an interesting DVD to purchase, some really good acts are presented in this fifth edition of the Into the Darkness series, to be honest I haven´t purchased any of the previous, but I did no they were available out there, LOL. This 100 minute video holds eight live clips, nine promo videos, artist greetings – and interviews with Front Line Assembly and Melotron.

intothedarkness5.jpg Input from Magazine: The live clips are: Nitzer Ebb: “Murderous” (Hamburg 2006), Front Line Assembly: “Maniacal” (Hamburg 2007), Sono: “Open the Door” (Hamburg 2006), Frozen Plasma: “Irony” (Hamburg 2006), Skinny Puppy: “Testure” (Hildesheim 2005), Grendel: “Soilbleed” (Hamburg 2005), Covenant: “The Men” (Hamburg 2006), Combichrist: “Today I Woke the Rain of Blood” (Hildesheim 2005).

The videos are: And One: “So Klingt Liebe”, Eisbrecher: “Vergissmeinnicht”, Client: “Lights Go out”, Vive La Fete: “Noir Desir”, IAMX: “President”, Ladytron: “Destroy Everything You Touch”, Purwien mit Witt: “Alle Fehler”, Formula Redux: “Stormy Grace”, Deathstars: “Blitzkrieg”.

Grendel to electriXmas :-)

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Big stomping EBM, mmmmmmmmm me like


Find out more at electrixmas.org/


Although it really sucks that they play at the same time as Laibach at KB

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