Off Book: The Evolution of Music Online

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As the 90s came to a close, the business of music began to change profoundly. New technology allowed artists to record and produce their own music and music videos, and the internet became a free-for-all distribution platform for musicians to promote themselves to audiences across the world. The result was an influx of artists onto the cultural scene, and audiences were left wondering how to sort through them all. In this episode we discuss these massive changes, and reveal how music blogs and websites have arisen as the new arbiters of quality.


Jon Cohen, Co-Founder, FADER Label
Ryan Dombal, Senior Editor, Pitchfork
Blake Whitman, VP of Creative Development, Vimeo
Anthony Volodkin, Founder, Hype Machine

Music by:

Flex Blur:
Dub Terminator:
Nestor Gonzalez:

Special Location thanks to Converse Rubber Tracks Studio

Artists from Music Video Section:

Rihanna – We Found Love –
Miss Eaves – Diva Pop –
My First Earthquake – We Float –
Moullinex – Catalina –
Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm –
Keep The Heat
Morning Teleportation – Expanding Anyway –
Da Silva – Les Stations Balnearies –
Goose – Synrise –
Tim and Puma Mimi – Perspective –
DYE – Fantasy –
Dan Wholey – Amateur Rocketry –
Health – We Are Water –
Colours – Colourfornia –
Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin –
The Naked And Famous – The Sun –
The Limousines –
Flying Lotus – Kill Your Co-Workers –

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Weekend musical treats

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Here are some new videos from M.I.A and Genki Sudo

G­roup name&Title is 「WORLD ORDER」, Music by Genki Sudo / SPACE WALKER, Words by Genki Sudo

Synth surgery labs

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Time to do some surgery in this cool clinical synth video

Google music still in the clouds

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The details of Google’s long-rumored music service are starting to leak out, setting the scene for the launch of a cloud-based storage locker that users could keep their music in and stream it from anywhere.

Billboard quotes “industry sources” who suggest that the first step would be a download store, which Google would operate in much the same way that iTunes and Amazon MP3 work. Alongside would sit a locker that songs and albums could be stored in, and then streamed or downloaded to any internet-connected device, likely including Android phones and the forthcoming Google TV.

When users buy tracks in the download store, they’re given the option to copy their purchase over to the  storage locker automatically, meaning no download-then-upload hassles. Meanwhile, a desktop app would scan the user’s hard drive, quietly uploading any tracks recognized as music in the background, whatever their source.

However, the search giant could run into trouble when it comes to deals with the record labels. The same industry sources claim that the subscription fee for such a service would be around $25 (about £16) per year, and that revenues would be split 50:50 with the rights holders. Music publishers will also take a 10.5 percent share, but it’s not clear whose chunk that’ll be taken from.

That’s a large percentage for Google, and I’ll be surprised if the labels let the company get anywhere near that figure, especially as tracks sourced from filesharing sites would be streamable in the same way as legitimate ones. If they do acquiesce, it’ll no doubt be in exchange for concessions from Google, like removing sites associated with piracy from search results. That’s something that Google is unlikely to look favorably on.

One industry insider that spoke to, who didn’t want to be named, confirmed this, telling us: “I don’t see this ever working with the U.S. labels, especially not with a 50/50 split. Google has seriously overestimated their generosity.”

So in short, it seems like there’s still a very long way to go before agreements can be signed. Especially as Google will undoubtedly want to start in the USA where the major labels are at their most fuddy-duddy. A similar streaming service proposed by Spotify hasn’t managed to get off the ground there, despite gathering nearly 10 million users in Europe, supposedly due to objections from the labels.

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Dubstep using the Modular

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Brandon Daniel has posted this video where his making a dubstep song using the modular

Dubstep track I’m working on, getting the big modular synth involved. The bass tone is actually Nord Modular G2, but being processed through the modular, drums are 808 + some other stuff… hopefully will finish the track in the next couple weeks.

The sense of hearing

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There are some fundamental principles regarding the construction of an acoustically healthy society, one where we can exist within the sounds of life. Respect towards voice and words, sonic awareness, the awakening of the sense of hearing. To preserve the sounds that tend to fade out, while remaining open to the sounds that spring out of each technological stride. To build an aural idiom that interprets its own symbolism. To accept the silence, enforcing it in the due moments. And, above all else, to listen.

Minuit – Fuji

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“here’s to those who thought you knew me . . .”
This is what started it all on The Guards Themselves album from Minuit – classic
Director: Alyx Duncan (NZ)
DOP: Richard Harling
+ a fantastic cast and crew

New material from Absolute Body Control

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Dirk Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem started up their first band Absolute Body Control 1980. After releasing new versions of classic tracks like “Figures” and “Give Me Your Hands” on the “Wind[Re]Wind” album, it’s now time for brand new material. The album “Shattered Illusion” will be out on October 16 through Daft and Sleepless Records. The band will play Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands this fall.

Millimetric remix

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Smoking Kills (The Horrorist-Electrofied Mix) – Millimetric by thingstocome

Here’s a clip of a remix I just finished for Millimetric. I played it live in Stuttgart and it past the club test so it’s in his inbox. From a production standpoint your hearing Vermona DRM-1 drums through Izotope Trash, white noise crashes from a Yamaha CS5, the 90’s T99 or 80’s Vomito Negro sample is in an Ableton Simpler going through various Sugar Bytes Effectrix presets. My vocals are through a Shure KSM32 and Wavearts plug-ins.

MSpot – a new competitor to Spotify, maybe

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A new threat to Spotify?

MSpot – the service allows people to upload their music — be it purchased, ripped or downloaded for free — and access it from any Mac, Windows or Google Android device. MSpot’s model avoids the stumbling blocks of licensing deals which have repeatedly delayed the release of a U.S. version of Spotify

Today, how people sync music is they’re manually connecting that USB cable, they have to transfer all their files, and any time your library changes, you’ve got to sync up,” Tsui told “With the music now in the cloud, we believe you don’t have to do that anymore. Any changes happen in the background, and you see that on your mobile device.

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