Listen to the new electro track from Mannerfelt / Haydo | Stepping In [Avian 2015]

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Mannerfelt / Haydo | Radio Mohave
Label: Avian ‎– AVN019
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: UK
Released: 31 Mar 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno…

Video premiere with Spur – All These Things

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Artist: Spur
Album: Nowhereland
Track: Allthesethings

Single of Spur´s Debutalbum “Nowhereland”

Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio – Cocytus (River of Lamentation)

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Hard to get more minimal :-)

Official stream from Editions Mego. Distributed by Kudos Records.
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Album: Hephaestus [ALBUM]
Track: 2 of 6
Title: Cocytus (River of Lamentation)
Artist: Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio
Label: Editions Mego
Cat#: EMEGO187
Formats: CD/Digital
Digital Release: 26th May 2014
Physical Release: 26th May 2014

About This Release:

Arne Deforce : Cello.
Mika Vainio : Processing, electronics.
Arne Deforce is renowned for his passionate and unparalleled performances of contemporary and experimental music. As a soloist, his repertoire consists mainly of solo and chamber music with a special interest in works deemed ‘unplayable’ but ‘performable’ from composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Richard Barrett, John Cage and Brian Ferneyhough.
Mika Vainio was one half of the minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic. His solo works, under his own name and under aliases like Ø, are known for their analogue warmth and electronic harshness ranging from abstract drone works or minimal avant techno.
In Greek and Roman Mythology, Hephaestus was the god of fire; celestial blacksmith; craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes; son of Zeus and Hera; husband of Aphrodite. The river Phlegethon was one of the five rivers in the infernal regions of the underworld, where Hephaestus operated. Plato describes it as “a stream of fire, which coils round the earth and flows into the depths of Tartarus.  It is said that the goddess Styx was in love with Phlegethon, but she was consumed by his flames and sent to Hades.
On this Editions Mego release, Hephaestus couples the rich acoustics of Deforce’s cello techniques with the raw expressiveness of Vanio’s electronics. The music reflects these ancient symbols whereby each track possesses physical, emotional and psychological states. The journey begins with ‘Phlegethon (stream of fire)’ – a world of sound building in intensity and ferocity as a means of navigating the listener into this other world.  Both Cocytus (river of lamentation) and Acheron (river of woe) explore more introspective (ambient) terrain, harnessing the players ability to conjure discrete congruous textures.  From here we are hurtled into the unbridled fury of ‘Styx (river of rage)’ where the consummation of the individual and eternal agony resides amongst the synergetic logic adopted by the artists and their chosen tools. ‘Lethe (river of forgetfulness) or oblivion’ incorporates small repeating phrases and minimalist motifs which provide a sense of disorientation and dislocation for the traveller/listener whilst a world of respite is laid bare in the comforting yet brooding closing piece ‘Elysium (fields of relief)’.
Hephaestus is a fascinating journey through the netherworld of human extremity presented as a combination of pure acoustic and electronic sources and realised in both physical and psychological manifestations.
Recorded in Vooruit, Ghent. 20-22 december 2011.
Recording engineer :Benjamin Dousselaere.
Editing and mixing: Dousselaere, Vainio, Deforce. -Brussels, October 2013.

Mastering : Denis Blackham @ Skye mastering.

Timo Maas – Tantra

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‘Tantra’ is the new single from Timo Maas. Taken from his latest artist album, ‘Lifer’, the release comes during a vintage year for the acclaimed German DJ and producer. The video for the single presents a fascinating nexus between human ingenuity, electronic music and mechanical design — whereby the ‘audio’ for ‘Tantra’ programmes a purpose built machine and brings it to ‘life’.

The machinery that forms the art installation at the centre of the piece was designed, built, operated and then filmed by a group of Japanese artists and creatives, including Daito Manabe. Motoi Ishibashi, Muryo Homma and Youichi Sakamoto. They spent weeks researching and testing materials before building the final installation from Arduino controlled ball dispensers, motorised rotating steel plates and LED lights for filming.

‘Tantra’ was then deconstructed into MIDI parts (the computer code that runs the synths, drum machines and samplers in the musical composition), the data that specified notation, pitch and velocity, control signals for parameters such as volume, vibrato, audio panning, and cues from were then run through the machine to control its movement.

Daito Manabe explains:
“The first time I listened to ‘Tantra’, I imagined someone producing something endlessly in a base, deep underground. With this image in mind, we started testing different machines, systems and so on, and then we finally figured out the structure and how we’d control the machine — and the motion of the balls — with the music. We felt that this would give it a sense of reality and beauty that is impossible to realise with CGI.

Remixers on ‘Tantra’ include Tom Demac (who’s about to drop a forthcoming collaboration with Will Saul on Aus), James Teej (the My Favourite Robot boss returns the favour for Timo’s reworking of ‘Liking Your Disorder’), Atelier Francesco (a new project and accompanying pseudonym from an already eclectic Italian producer) and Wolfgang Haffner (the ECHO music award-winning German drummer famous for his work with Nightmares On Wax and beyond).

Creative director/ Software engineer: Daito Manabe
Hardware engineer: Motoi Ishibashi
Video director: Muryo Homma
Installation designer: Youichi Sakamoto

Monday morning electro / ambient music from Pantaleimon and Junksista

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Make sure to listen to Junksista, very cool electro pop :-)

Official Music Video for PANTALEIMON ‘ANOTHER WORLD’ from the new album ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’. Out Now. Available from Grass Girl Music:

Video directed by Enrique Verdugo Produced by Grass Girl Music 2012.

Song taken from the album BAD CASE OF FABULOUS, 8.11.13 – Alfa Matrix

Video directed by Noemie Alazard & Fabio Soares

Dancer – Luisa Raukopf
Costume Designer – Lady Mabelicious
Make Up – Kathy Brischar

Official website:
Alfa Matrix:…
Fabio Soares:
Noemie Alazard:…
Luisa Raukopf:…
Lady Mabellicious:…

Get the music here:…………

Demo featuring the Waldorf MicroWAVE XT synthesizer

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Waldorf Microwave XT synthesizer demo — playing a dreamy ambient electronica music soundscape on Microwave XT wavetable synth from Waldorf. Headphones recommended!

This ambient synth demo was created using 2 wavetables, delay, tremolo, filter/envelope adjustments and more.

Performed live, no external processing. Excerpt from a longer session.

New material from Conceptual Dance Machine – Inceptive minds

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Experimental electro, enjoy

Electro track from Noblesse Oblige – Hotel California

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Soft chill electronica from Noblesse, details below:

Director & concept: Carmen Lidia Vidu
Cristina Baciu: VFX
Horatiu Lazar: Photography

Special thanks to Oana Dorobantu, Cornelia & Raluna

Hotel California appears on the Noblesse Oblige Album “Affair of the Heart”
(RepoRecords, release date: May 24th 2013)

Buy the album:
USA / Canada:…


Original version by The Eagles, written by Don Felder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley.

More infos on:

Continuum – new abstract House/Minimal Techno soundset for Massive

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Humanoid Sound Systems has announced the release of Continuum, a new Abstract House/Minimal Techno soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Continuum offers 64 inspirational patches for Native Instruments Massive, perfect for Abstract House, and Minimal Techno. You may also find this sound set perfect for chillout, and atmospheric music.

Special care was taken in designing these patches with forward abstract thinking in mind. We hope you find that little bit of character in each and every patch.

Continuum features

  • 64 patches for Massive (NMSV).
  • Includes 18 basses, 9 FX, 11 leads, 5 pads, 21 sequences.
  • Suitable for Abstract House, Minimal Techno
  • Sounds designed by Hermie.
  • Requires NI Massive 1.3.0.

The soundset costs $19.95 USD.

Get it here >>

Byetone speaks on mimimalism and Raster Noton

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Video details below:

“I like it when music makes you nervous or agressive.”—BYETONE feature, taken from Slices Issue 4-12. Available in 1080p full HD video.

More info:…

About the artist:

olaf benders (aka byetone) experimental work with film material started during school time.  the casual finding of a complete 16mm movie equipment gave the initiation. from this time on started an intensive dealing with the medium »film« as well as the raw material »film«.

technical limitations forced special methods: he scratched directly on the footage with objects to create geometrical figures. the results were archaic motion patterns. due to the experiments he came into contact with the east-german underground band AG-Geige.

in 1988 he became a permanent member of AG-Geige.

by working with this group he got into musical aspects. home computer made it possible for autodidacts like him to work multimedial without knowledge of practical musical skills.

after the falldown of berlin wall in 1989 he was working with a music distributor. the work experiences he collected there led to the idea of publishing own musical projects by himself.
together with frank bretschneider he founded the recordlabel rastermusic in 1996. rastermusic wanted to publish their own electronic music projects and those of other similar working artists. the special process of creating electronic sound should be reflected also in the graphical presentation of the label and his products.

one of the earliest rastermusic productions was the project signal, which olaf bender has been continuing together with bretschneider and nicolai until today. nicolai owned the sublabel noton, which finally merged with rastermusic to raster-noton in 1999.

beside the management of raster-noton he is responsible  for graphic design and public appearance of the label. additionally bender performs solo under the pseudonym byetone.

bender creates his music digitally. he assembles sine tones to complex sound fabrics. digital clicks and effect plug-ins are essential to create the rhythms. all this is brought in a timely relation and so a track is born — an artificial world without any physical effort.

computer music is often hard to perform in front of an audience. although possibilities seem almost unlimited it is difficult to present this music in a concert setting without an immense deal of technology.

bender therefore uses visuals in the sense of animated light. abstract animations support the abstract pieces of music — in this way the rhythm of music is transformed into a graphic equivalent. by using the computer bender controls the animations in realtime. in connection with sound effect processing this enables him to interact live on stage.

1968 born in karl-marx-stadt / GDR
1974 – 87 secondary school and apprenticeship as tailor
1990 – 93 work as graphik designer with different agencys
1993 – 95 agent in mediadistribution
1996 founded rastermusic, works independently in chemnitz
1999 rastermusic and noton, merged in raster-noton

for more information and releases see

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