History of Neue Deutsche Welle – 17 track compilation

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History of Neue Deutsche Welle” is a brand new compilationalbum to be released on the German ZYX label. The compilation features 17 tracks including such artists as Die Krupps, DAF, Welle:Erdball, Pyrolator, Der Plan, Joachim Witt, Gabi Delgado, and many others. Ordering is possible here.


  1. Pyrolator – Die Haut der Frau
  2. Andreas Dorau & die Marinas – Fred Vom Jupiter
  3. Der Plan – Tanz Den Gummitwist
  4. Malaria – Kaltes Klares Wasser
  5. Gabi Delgado – Neosexi
  6. Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen
  7. Die Radierer – Angriff Aufs Schlaraffenland
  8. Joachim Witt – Goldener Reiter
  9. Ideal – Blaue Augen
  10. Nichts – Radio
  11. Welle: Erdball – Die Roboter
  12. Die Krupps – Als Wären Wir Für Immer
  13. Fehlfarben – Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran)
  14. D.A.F. – Der Räuber Und Der Prinz
  15. Foyer Des Arts – Eine Königin Mit Rädern Untendran
  16. Hans-A-Plast – Monopoly
  17. The Wirtschaftswunder – Analphabet

New material from Welle:Erdball – Tanzmusik für Roboter

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Audioglobe inform us of a brand new release from Wezlle: Erdball: “Tanzmusik für Roboter”, out on Fabruary 21st via Synthetic Symphony. The album is the follow-up to the band’s 2011 album “Der Kalte Krieg” and reenters the sonic sound we last heard on the “Chaos Total” album, released some 7 years ago.

Notable is that many of the songs of “Tanzmusik für Roboter” were produced exclusively using a changing sound source. “Mimikry” for example was solely produced on a MB Simon game device while “Liebe der 3. Art” was brought to life on a Nintendo DSlite. Add the help of Commodore 64 and you can guess what to expect.

The album will be released in 3 different formats. You can expect a normal CD and a CD+DVD not only containing 2 exclusive bonus-tracks but a full video DVD containing all music video productions the band ever did for themselves and for close friends. The 3rd format is an LP+CD package also containing the full regular album on CD in a cardboard sleeve.

Friday electronica from Welle Erdball & Covenant

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Fan video for Last Dance

Please support the artist: http://www.covenant.se/
I do not own the copyrights to any of the material in this video. I made this video for entertainment purposes only.

welle: erdball – DIE LIEBE DER 3. ART (NDS)
Aus der Sendung “Tanzmusik für Roboter” (LP-CD)
Eine Funkhausproduktion (c)2012

Welle:Erdball celebrates 20 years with new massive box compilation

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Out on May 24 is the Welle:Erdball jubilee box “20 Jahre”. This Box set is limited to 3.000 units and comes in a velvet box with silver embossment. The box contains 2 full CD’s with the best of Welle:Erdball from the last 20 years in partially new versions. Next to that you also get a DVD showing the band’s history. Add to that a 50 page deluxe booklet and a tie pin.

Note that the compilation has a new recording of the track “Telephonse”.


CD1: Honeys favourites

  1. Funkbereit
  2. Interaktiv
  3. Tanz eiskalt (C=64)
  4. Die Computer verlassen die Welt
  5. Die Weltenzahl
  6. Wir wollen keine Menschen sein (new recording)
  7. Sprechen & Denken
  8. 0173-1923954
  9. Kaffeeautomat
  10. Kabinett
  11. Finger weg von der Fernbedienung
  12. Computer-Rendezvous
  13. Wizard of Wor
  14. VW-Käfer
  15. Elektrosmog
  16. Walkman
  17. Wasserstoff (H2)
  18. Wir sind die Maschinen
  19. Komm in meinen Mund
  20. Schaufensterpuppen
    CD2: A.L.F.s favourites
  21. Mandala
  22. Verlieb Dich in mich
  23. Komm in meinen Mund
  24. Telephon W-38
  25. Meine Klangwelt (C=64)
  26. Kontrollierte Welt
  27. Grüsse von der Orion
  28. Deine Augen
  29. Es ist an der Zeit
  30. Der Telefonanruf
  31. Gib mir mein Gefühl zurück
  32. Die Stunde: NULL (C=64)
  33. Das Souvenir
  34. Ich bin aus Plastik (Single)
  35. Graf Krolock
  36. Deutsche Liebe (live)
  37. Metal Dust (Die Begegnung-2.Version)
  38. Volksempfänger VE-301
  39. Telephonse* (new recording)
  40. Feuerwerk

Welle:Erdball – Alles Lüge

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Tuesday morning synth music, enjoy

Welle:Erdball Live in Glauchau, Alte Spinnerei!

AND ONE – Shouts of Joy (Official Music Video)

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Background video data:

Directed by Adolf Steinhimmel

Order the 6-Track Single “Shouts of Joy” including 3 exclusive Bonus-Tracks


“Shouts of Joy” is a part of the Album “S.T.O.P.”, out 25.05.2012


+ Special Guest “Welle:Erdball”…

16.11.2012 Leipzig – Haus Auensee
17.11.2012 Berlin – Columbia Halle
23.11.2012 Hamburg – Markthalle
07.12.2012 München – Backstage
08.12.2012 Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
09.12.2012 Hannover – Capitol

weitere Termine, u.a. in NRW werden in Kürze bekanntgegeben!

tickets exklusiv bei www.bodypop-shop.de

Besuche AND ONE auch…

…zu Hause: http://www.andone.de
…auf Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ANDONEofficial
…auf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ANDONEofficial
…auf YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ANDONEofficial

New video from welle: erdball – Deutsche Liebe (C=64)

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welle: erdball – Deutsche Liebe (C=64)
Offizieller Video-Clip zur Sendung “Der Kalte Krieg” (LP-CD)
Eine Funkhausproduktion (c)2012

Enjoy :-)

WELLE : ERDBALL / Ein Bisschen Frieden (Nicole Cover) – Live @ Trix Anrwerp 27-11-2011

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WELLE : ERDBALL / Ein Bisschen Frieden (Nicole Cover) – Live @ Trix Anrwerp 27-11-2011

Enjoy :-)

Weekend music listening

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Here’s a couple of songs to get you in the right Saturday mood :-)


Cheers all

Radio transmission – Der kalte Krieg by Welle: Erdball

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After last year’s album “Operation Zeitsturm”, shipped with the accompanying film produced by the band themselves, Welle: Erdball returns with their new album “Der Kalte Krieg”. As the title suggests, the theme this time is the Cold War – with James Bond themes, the red phone, atomic bombs, SDI war in space, double agents, Russian spies and everything that belongs to it! Besides the new songs on the album, they have also recorded covers of a classic James Bond theme, Cat Stevens “If You Want To Sing Out” (from the movie Harold & Maude), Stahlnetz and The Cabinet’s classic “The Cabinet” . Addition, even remakes of some of the band’s earlier songs, a remake of “America” ​​by Hertz infarction and a remix of the hit “Starfighter S-104″ (2000), which is signed Welle: Erdball-band member Plastique’s side project The Girl & The Robot .

Don’t forget to read the interview we made with Welle:Erdball just a couple of weeks ago >>

The album comes in addition to the regular edition, even in a limited first edition that includes bonus DVD with a selection of the best live recordings from the band’s long career.

“Der Kalte Krieg” is released October 28 via SPV / Synthetic Symphony.

Track listing:

  1. Welle: Erdball (Hörspiel-Intro)
  2. James Bond-Thema
  3. Deutsche Liebe (C=64)
  4. Feuerwerk
  5. Eine Neue Zeit
  6. Amerika (Compact Phasing “A”merika – Remake by Hertzinfarkt)
  7. Kabinett
  8. If You want to sing out, sing out
  9. Vor all den Jahren
  10. Starfighter F-104S (The Girl & the Robot-Remix)
  11. Der Kalte Krieg (Beweg Dein Gehirn…JETZT!)
  12. Karl der Käfer (C=64)
  13. Hab ich dir heute schon gesagt, daß ich Dich liebe
  14. Ein bisschen Frieden
  15. Sendeschluss (Hörspiel-Austro)

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