New material coming from EBM pioneers Die Krupps

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The German EBM and industrial-pioneers of Die Krupps have announced that a new album will be released in September 2015 via SPV Records. The title of the album will be “V – Metal Machine Music”. The band also underwent some line-up changes, recently 2 members were added: permanent drummer Volker Borchert (who played in Die Krupps already before) and live-guitarist Steve Roemhild (ex-Warpath).

The band also announced a European tour in september 2015, supported by Red Paintings and Janosch Moldau. During this tour a live CD/DVD of the previous “The Machineries Of Joy” tour will be available.

New electro video from DIE KRUPPS – Robo Sapien

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“Robo Sapien” taken from the album “The Machinists Of Joy”.
Directed by: Jay Gillian
Camera OP and Computer Animation: Shane Williams
Produced by Cinematek Film & Television
Robo Sapien provided by: JG and the Robots…

DIE KRUPPS are back with a new track – Robo Sapien

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“Robo Sapien” taken from the album “The Machinists Of Joy”.
Directed by: Jay Gillian
Camera OP and Computer Animation: Shane Williams
Produced by Cinematek Film & Television
Robo Sapien provided by: JG and the Robots…

History of Neue Deutsche Welle – 17 track compilation

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History of Neue Deutsche Welle” is a brand new compilationalbum to be released on the German ZYX label. The compilation features 17 tracks including such artists as Die Krupps, DAF, Welle:Erdball, Pyrolator, Der Plan, Joachim Witt, Gabi Delgado, and many others. Ordering is possible here.


  1. Pyrolator – Die Haut der Frau
  2. Andreas Dorau & die Marinas – Fred Vom Jupiter
  3. Der Plan – Tanz Den Gummitwist
  4. Malaria – Kaltes Klares Wasser
  5. Gabi Delgado – Neosexi
  6. Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen
  7. Die Radierer – Angriff Aufs Schlaraffenland
  8. Joachim Witt – Goldener Reiter
  9. Ideal – Blaue Augen
  10. Nichts – Radio
  11. Welle: Erdball – Die Roboter
  12. Die Krupps – Als Wären Wir Für Immer
  13. Fehlfarben – Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran)
  14. D.A.F. – Der Räuber Und Der Prinz
  15. Foyer Des Arts – Eine Königin Mit Rädern Untendran
  16. Hans-A-Plast – Monopoly
  17. The Wirtschaftswunder – Analphabet

Reading: New book “Music from Düsseldorf”

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“Electri_City – Elektronische Musik aus Duesseldorf” is a brand new book that is being prepped for release on the 10th of March 2014 via Suhrkamp Verlag. Described by the publisher as ‘Das definitive Buch zu Kraftwerk, Neu!, La Düsseldorf, DAF, Die Krupps, Der Plan, Liaisons Dangereuses, Rheingold, Propaganda’ you can expect a detailed background on the Düsseldorf scene. That scene has since the 70s and 80s been considered as the electronic popmusic Mekka (let’s hope Allah and co won’t kill us for using this description).

The book is written by Düsseldorf resident and Die Krupps member Rüdiger Esch. In the book he covers the period from 1970 bis till the end of the ‘analog phase’ in 1986. Expect feedback in the book from Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk), Bodo Staiger (Rheingold), Gabi Delgado (DAF), Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps), Ralf Dörper (Propaganda), plus remarks from Giorgio Moroder, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Andy McCluskey (OMD), Martyn Ware (The Human League), Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) and so on.

Still according to the publisher the book will also talk about reality versus myth regarding the scene.

You can order the book right here on Amazon:

Hard rockers Die Krupps are back with a new album

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“The Machinists of Joy” is the first all-new album of the millennium for the german electro pioneers Die Krupps so Audioglobe informs us. The new 11-track album will be released on October 25 2013 in 4 formats: normal digipak CD, limited 2CD digipak, a fan box and as a limited LP/CD combo.

The limited edition 2CD will contain an exclusive bonus CD of which the final tracklist is not known yet but it will for sure include the tracks “Nazis on Speed” and the digital-only single “Industrie-Mädchen”. According to the band several tracks will refer to the origins of Engler and Dörper who have both had been active in the Düsseldorf Punk scene long before the first Krupps release “Stahlwerksynfonie” (1980). Included will be also a collaboration with Punk-Pioneers Metal Urbain from France (“Panik”), and one track with ex-Kraftwerker Wolfgang Flür.


  1. Ein Blick zurück im Zorn
  2. Schmutzfabrik
  3. Risikofaktor
  4. Robo Sapien
  5. The Machinist of Joy
  6. Essenbeck
  7. Im falschen Land
  8. Part of the Machine
  9. Eiskalter Engel
  10. Nocebo
  11. Im Schatten der Ringe

Nitzer Ebb & Die Krupps – Blood Money video

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New video with Nitzer Ebb and Die Krupps. Read our interview with Nitzer Ebb here, that we made some weeks back.

Front Line Assembly, Die Krupps and Cyanotic embark on US tour

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Vancouver based, industrial music pioneers Front Line Assembly with special guests German metal group Die Krupps, Cyanotic (from the US) and DJ Acucrack, hit the roadways in North America this May to promote their latest 2010 release “Improvised. Electronic. Devices”. It has been 4 years since Front Line Assembly toured North America. The tour kicks off at the Pyramid Club in Winnipeg, CAN and hits 25 cities across North America including a presence at Montreal’s Kinetik Festival.

More news on tour dates and special VIP packages with Front Line Assembly can be found at .

Easter video 2: Nitzer EBB and Die Krupps -The Machineries of Joy

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N.Ebb And Die Krupps Video

NITZER EBB, DIE KRUPPS and AUTO DA FEH live in Sweden and other places across Europe

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Thursday, April 28 · 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Join In The Rhythm Of Machines

Under the slogan “Join In The Rhythm Of Machines” are two of the largest EBM bands making a total of nine exclusive performances across Europe. In connection with the tour released an ep that is currently being recorded and the tapes promises more surprises during the evening.

In Malmo and Gothenburg veterans may also be joined by a relatively new rising star on EBM heaven, … namely Swedish Auto Da Feh.

Listen and read more about them at

Tickets for the Sweden event can be found here:

For all other places follow this link >>

Join In The Rhythm Of Machines!

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