Jean Michel Jarre talks about Oxygène

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Oxygène 7-13 is a 1997 album of instrumental electronic music by Jean Michel Jarre, his ninth overall studio album. It is the sequel to his 1976 album Oxygène, and is dedicated to Jarre’s former mentor, experimental musician Pierre Schaeffer. While the album was recorded using many of the same synthesizers as Oxygène, and the titling suggests a continuation from where the first album ends, many tracks have a more uptempo, trance-like character. The album is not as widely acclaimed as the original Oxygène, but has been quite successful nonetheless, especially among fans. Released approximately twenty years after the worldwide release of the first Oxygène, it is Jarre’s final album in his traditional style (exclusive of Oxygène: New Master Recording), and thus comes full circle. It was also the last album by Jarre featuring Michel Geiss as collaborator.

“Oxygène 7”, “Oxygène 8” and “Oxygène 10” have been released as singles. A number of remixes of Oxygène 7–13 tracks have been made, including those comprising most of the album Odyssey Through O2. The Orb’s single “Toxygene” was originally intended for release as a remix for the single release of “Oxygène 8”, but was rejected by Jarre for being too distant from the original.

Track listing:

1. “Oxygène 7” — 11:41
1. Part 1 — 4:20
2. Part 2 — 3:43
3. Part 3 — 3:38
2. “Oxygène 8” — 3:54
3. “Oxygène 9” — 6:13
1. Part 1 — 1:53
2. Part 2 — 1:56
3. Part 3 — 2:24
4. “Oxygène 10” — 4:16
5. “Oxygène 11” — 4:58
6. “Oxygène 12” — 5:40
7. “Oxygène 13” — 4:27


* 2600 ARP synthesizer
* VCS3 synthesizer
* Eminent 310 Unique
* Mellotron M400
* Theremin
* CS80
* Quasimidi Raven
* Digisequencer
* Akai MPC3000
* Nordlead
* JV 90
* K2000
* RMI Harmonic synthesizer
* Prophecy
* TR808
* DJ70

J.M.Jarre – Equinoxe Part 6 – live cover by Yarosystems

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Always nice to see the Nova in action

A simple live cover of Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe Part 6. All the sounds from the Novation Nova synthesizer.

Oxygene 2 Cover Jean Michel Jarre

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Oxygene 2 – Cover

Composed by: Jean Michel Jarre

Played by: Piotr Nowak, Michał Bach

The gear that was used:
-Roland Juno-D,
-Roland D-50,
-Korg MicroKorg,
-Korg mini KP KAOSS PAD.
-Behringer Vintage Delay VD400

Jarre Technologies releases AeroSystem

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Jean Michel Jarre has launched the first product from his new company Jarre Technologies: AeroSystem. AeroSystem is an iPhone/iPod compatible multi directional sound tower, delivering stereo sound from a single multi-axial point.

Jarre Technologies was founded five years ago and the plan is to create high-end, affordable and aesthetic home-entertainment products.

– As a musician, I have always strived for my albums and live performance to render a sound as close as possible to perfection. This brought me to think of what the ideal sound-system of the future should be: A product that can accept all digital formats, from MP3 to hard-disk files, as well as a vinyl turn-table or a CD player, with an aesthetic ambition while privileging optimum audio quality – with bass and a dynamic acoustic that correspond to our listening habits today – all at a most affordable price, Jarre says.

More info here >>

Source: RMM

The sequel to JM Jarre’s 101010

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Excerpts from the self-pirated transmission of the Jean Michel Jarre performance at the O2 Arena in London on the 10/10/10

Vivaldi synth rock

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J M Jarre live in Poland

Perhaps one or two guitars too much for my taste, but hey what the heck

Want to see the Jarre 101010 concert through a radar screen?

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Jarre 101010 at O2 London

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If you missed the live broadcast last night here some more clips from what went down yesteday:

Don’t miss out on 101010

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Jean Michel Jarre is broadcasting his 10 10 10 concert live at 8 PM London time, 10/10/10. Make sure you know what time that is in your time zone. Here are a few common ones:

  • 9 am in Honolulu
  • 12 pm in San Francisco
  • 2 pm in Chicago
  • 3 pm in New York
  • 9 pm in Vienna
  • 3 am in Hong Kong
  • 8 am in Australia

You can watch it in the embed below and share your thoughts with other synth music fans, or catch it at Jarre’s UStream site.

10/10/10 Live internet performance with JM Jarre !!

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Jean Michel Jarre has announced his 10 10 10 project – a “self-pirated” live show to be broadcast this Sunday, 10/10/10 at 8 PM London Time.

This should be a treat for his fans around the world.

Based on, 8 pm London time is:

  • 9 am in Honolulu
  • 12 pm in San Francisco
  • 2 pm in Chicago
  • 3 pm in New York
  • 9 pm in Vienna
  • 3 am in Hong Kong
  • 8 am in Australia

Jean Michel Jarre’s Concert  will be broadcast live on the Internet, via UStream. Help spread the word by using the Facebook “like” button above, the “Retweet” button below or by sharing the date with other synth music fans!

via jeanmicheljarre:

10 10 10 project

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