Korg mini synth family grows – Monotron Duo & Monotron Delay

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The powerful and fun-to-play monotron analog synthesizer has been joined by two siblings. The Dual Oscillator monotron DUO offers X-MOD capabilities for generating even more extreme sounds. The monotron DELAY features a Space Delay that can produce intense, analog-like echo effects. Each is equipped with a ribbon keyboard and a live, ready-to-be tweaked front panel offering five knobs and a single switch.

monotron DUO key features:
Two analog oscillators (VCO) with individual tunings

Edgy X-MOD (with Intensity knob) circuit from Korg’s classic Mono/Poly

VCF with Cutoff and Peak Control

Ribbon controller keyboard with Scale Select

Original Analog (VCF) Filter taken from the classic MS-10 & MS-20

Aux input jack lets you apply filter to any audio source

Built-in speaker and battery power for Go Anywhere Analog sound

Headphone jack for private use

Dual Oscillator / X-Mod Design
Offering two oscillators, the monotron DUO adds an extra dimension, delivering an even more extreme sound. Tune the oscillators in unison for a rich, thick, analog tone. Tune them in intervals for classic soloing sounds and generating new effects. The X-MOD (cross modulation) circuit taken from Korg’s classic Mono/Poly can introduce a mild or razor-sharp edge to the overall sound; everything from a rich vibrato to extreme metallic sounds reminiscent of an FM synth.

Enhanced Ribbon Controller Keyboard
The monotron DUO’s ribbon controller keyboard now features the familiar Scale function used on the KAOSSILATOR. You can use this button to select one of four scales: Chromatic, Major, Minor, or Off. Choose the Chromatic scale to play precise pitches as on a piano, or choose Major or Minor to generate musically coherent phrases by simply sliding your finger around on the keyboard.


monotron DELAY key features:
Space Delay with Rate and Intensity controls offers analog-style echoes

New Pitch LFO with selectable Waveshape and Intensity and shape controls

VCF with Cutoff Control

Wide-range ribbon controller keyboard

Original Analog (VCF) Filter taken from the classic MS-10 & MS-20

Aux input jack lets you apply filter and delay to any audio source

Built-in speaker and battery power for Go Anywhere Analog sound

Headphone jack for private use

Classic Analog Synth / Space Delay Combination
A good delay was an essential part of the classic analog synthesizer sound. More often than not, that delay came from a tape-style echo machine until affordable digital delays were created. The monotron DELAY is an analog synthesizer optimized for sound effects. In addition to its analog oscillator, filter, and LFO, it also provides a Space Delay that’s indispensable for swooping, cosmic sounds. The monotron DELAY even reproduces the pitch changes that occur when you vary the delay time, just as though you were using an analog tape echo. As with the filter, the delay effect can be added to any external sound via the Aux In jack. This fat and warm delay will add an authentic edge to your analog sounds!

Dual-Waveform LFO
The Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) waveform used to modulate the pitch now offers a choice of waveshapes – a new square wave plus the traditional triangle wave. Both the Rate (Speed) and the Intensity (Depth) can be adjusted independently. In addition, a trimpot on the back panel can continuously adjust the shape/direction of the triangle wave or the pulse-width of the square wave to deliver even more versatility. Used in conjunction with the delay, the LFO can create dazzling effects and provide unique possibilities for embellishing your songs.

Wide-Range Ribbon Keyboard
The monotron DELAY’s ribbon controller keyboard features a wide, four-octave range. This design allows the pitch to be controlled even more aggressively and dynamically, making the monotron DELAY a great weapon for a DJ to get the floor moving with irresistible sound. The reversed white keys and body adornments glows under black light illumination, making the monotron DELAY ideal for delivering a striking visual impact in nearly any club environment.

Monotron loves iPhone

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Here’s what’s going on:

Messing around with my Korg Monotron plugged into various iPhone apps. Not trying to play anything musical!

* First I used T-Pain to autotune it. Great fun and makes the Monotron surprisingly playable.

* Next comes Voice Band. Turn your analog Monotron into a sampled synth. Wait, that is an odd idea…

* Then into Moog’s awesome Filtatron for some filtering and delay.

* RJDJ next. I couldn’t believe just how incredible this was! I intend to spend much time tripping away to that.

* Finally, just for fun, vocoding into iVoxel. Sound is a bit distorted – my bad. But with some twiddling you can make your Monotron polyphonic (of sorts!)

Sound quality isn’t great as I’m having sound card issues and this is my first video. So pops, crackles and sync issues are down to the video, not the apps.

Enjoy having fun with your Monotron and a couple of dollars worth of iPhone apps!

monotron in case

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Another KORG monotron hack, this one is includes on more VCO + petch in, gete in, cutoff in…

I re-uploaded video after a you tube message saying that: Your video, may have content that is owned or licensed by EMI…
(what the ^%@£$!)
The reason of that message is probablly one audio sample from the prodigy at the end of the video (on the making off) so on this part instead of the prodigy now we can hear a very small part of my friends famous Greek band named direct connection( + the module).
www.myspace.com/directconnectionsoundsystem – hwww.directconnection.gr/
the track is named: 7G and is from the Anticopyright_vol1

iPad powered MONOTRON

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Background info:

iPad1 16g WiFi Camera Connection Kit
powering korg monotron via USB

ipad is running
Jasuto modular synthesizer

signal path :

audio from bleeplabs Nebulophone


into korg montron filter
out from monotron
into AmpliTube®, iRig™
then into ipad
Jasuto providing synthesizer bass and reverb/delay FX to line input

Time to emulate the Monotron

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PhilterPlugs has released Monoklon, a free synthesizer plug-in that emulation the Korg Monotron.

Can´t copy the Original Monotron Sound but hey…

Monoklon features

  • Virtual Ribbon Controller.
  • Sawtooth Osc.
  • Sawtooth Lfo.
  • LP Filter.

Monoklon is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

Find it here >>

Korg Monotron Rack for Ableton Live

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The Korg Monotron is a great little analog synth with a big, thick sound and amazing filter. However it is controlled not with keys, but a ribbon controller. I find it extremely difficult to play in pitch. So I’ve sampled it and racked it up in Ableton. Now notes are easy to hit, and there are also a few extra goodies not possible in the original. Follow along as I take you through it and download it yourself and enjoy!

**Non Live users: You can use the samples in your DAW of choice**

Download the rack here: http://bit.ly/freesynth13

More information below:

For something about the size of a cassette tape, the Korg Monotron packs quite the punch.  Don’t let that built in speaker fool you, plug this little guy into an amp and it can rattle the windows.  The filter sounds great, and can even be used on external audio sources, very cool.  The downside: I can’t play the thing in tune!  Too bad it doesn’t have some cheap little buttons for keys instead of that ribbon keyboard.  Hitting the exact pitch consistently, for me, seems to be out of the realm of possibilities.  Thank goodness for samplers

This week, I have created a free Ableton Live Rack using samples from my Korg Monotron.  Although some might argue that this rack lacks one of the most alluring qualities: the built in filter, it is now a much more playable synth, being that you can control it with a normal keyboard with actual keys.  (Plus I think the filter in Ableton’s Sampler and Simpler are pretty nice substitutes).  To take advantage of some of the possibilities offered to us in this computer age, I’ve done a few things the actual Monotron is incapable of.  First, I layered a few Monotron samples to thicken out the sound.  I’ve made it switchable from mono to polyphonic (Polytron?),  Portamento and Glide are now options, you have control over Attack and Release, the Filter Envelope now has an attack you can play around with, and another macro knob allows you to select different combinations of samples.  For the purists out there that don’t want layered samples, I’ve included an identical rack, with only one sample and a few different effect macros (chorus and delay.)  For both racks, I have the mod wheel set to introduce some vibrato.  So, watch along in the video and download it for yourself, it’s free and most importantly, from the heart.  I think you’ll be pleased with just how much punch that little box can deliver.  **Big thanks to Big C for giving me the Monotron for Christmas :) xo **

New Korg Monotron / Miditron with the iPad

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Beatmaker has published this nice teaser video; its under construction and I’m still Working on it! This is my Korg Monotron AKA Miditron with Beatnic Midi-iF Kit and Midi Mod. This thing is SICK! I’m using bs-16i app for iPad with Line 6 Midi Mobilizer to trigger the Miditron. My next video with it will be much better Audio Quality and the Miditron will be complete. You know how I do! Just giving you a Taste.

Collin’s Lab: Monotron Hacking

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The Monotron mini analog synthesizer was made to be hacked – learn how to add your own control-voltage inputs and check out some sample synthing played via strobe light.

Monotron modified CV Gate, Korg SQ 10 demo

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Korg Monotron with a DIY CV/Gate interface, sequenced by SQ 10 / played with a roland SH 09

all sounds comes from the monotron, except the drum : sound master stix st-305

For more information about this modification see here :


sorry for the poor video quality, sound is good, live improvisation.

Brainwave controlled monotron

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Star wars :-)

This is a brainwave controlled synth i made for a mate for his birthday. The frequency of brainwaves is sent from the sensor digitally to the base station, all I have done is mod the monotron to have a cv/gate input and added a few components to the force trainer to output a voltage determined by the brain activity sensed.

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