Monotron DUO electronic jam (monotron duo, CV sequencer, iElectribe)

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Monotron DUO – using cv signals to control pitch and filter cutoff – using ribbon to control filter cutoff.

Sequencer based on Velleman MK107 led kit

(endless fun :D)

Keith Handy Monotron Mod, Stage #2

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Background info:

I’ve added a cutoff slider at the end of the Giant Pitch Lever, which can be played with the thumb, leaving one hand free for additional controls. The slider has a rubberband pulling it back to “closed” position, which makes “playing” it a little more like playing an instrument. Still need to add pitch markers though.

KORG Monotron Mod – Making it BIG

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A sound demo of a modded Monotron. Listen on good speakers to hear
the full bass. More info here

Modifications include: MIDI-IF kit, CV control, Pulse Wave (with PWM,
high-pass filter and low-pass filter), Sub Osc 1 (one octave down)
with low-pass filter, Sub Osc 2 (2 octaves down) with low-pass filter,
AD Envelope, and Overdrive feedback loop.


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Piscide . monotron . The MusicVideo

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Piscide . monotron . The MusicVideo,

created and produced by Anke Scheffler aka Anchee of Piscide.

© Fundamenth Media 2010

Ableton Korg Monotron Delay Emulation

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Ableton Live Instrument rack Emulation of the Korg Monotron Delay. Create with samples from the Korg Monotron, this Ableton Synthesizer has effects built in to model the Monotron Delay. Fun and diverse synth with great sound design potential. The Monotron Delay Rack has 8 macro controls that allow you to greatly alter its sound.  It features controls for the synth’s filter and an LFO that is modulating the filter frequency.  There, of course, is plenty of control over the delay.  You can alter the amount of delay, the time between each delay, and a band-pass filter to change the character of the delay.  I have set the delay itself to repitch mode, which emulates analog tape delays.

Free Download @

Jam on a modded Korg Monotron

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Filthy little modified Monotron jam: LFO out to gate in, 1 sequencer feeds CV to pitch in, another sequencer feeds CV to manipulate the LFO’s rate. ////This Tron is a beast! ////// Mods: CV in for pitch, gate, filter cutoff and LFO rate. External LFO out with depth control knob. Two 1/4″ outs, two 1/4″ inputs for the filter and a master volume knob. Also added an over drive feature.
-electro lobotomy

MFB Step Sequencer in neat collaboration with the Monotribe

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Korg Monotribe
MFB Seq02
WMD Gamma Wave Source

c1 -1v/oct gamma wave source
c2 -wt1 cv gamma wave source
c3 -wt2 cv gamma wave source
c4 -monotribe sync in
c5 -para cv gamma wave source

the sounds you hear are from the output of the korg monotribe with no aditional processing

Product feature – MFB Step sequencer:

SEQ-02 is specialized in rhythm- and sequence programming.

SEQ-02 can be used as a sequencer with 6 CV- and 6 gate-outputs. Alternatively, it may also be used with either 12 CV- or 12 gate-/trigger-outputs. SEQ-02 allows creating 16 sequences with up to 32 steps each. The sequences can be stored and offer 6 or 12 tracks. In addition, an A- and B-part allows building 2-bar-sequences using the A/B-switch. Use trigger impulses at inputs “Sequence +“ and “Sequence –“ to switch to adjacent sequences. Start/stop and tempo (clock) can be either controlled directly at the module or remote-controlled through external signals. Of course, SEQ-02’s start/stop and clock can act as a master for other sequencers. The RESET-input allows switching the current sequence back to step 1.

Beyond using SEQ-02 to trigger drums and envelopes, there are countless options for trigger-impulses in a modular environment. These may be used for sample&hold, switches, clock-dividers/sequencers or logic-modules. This allows to create rhythmic events, where usually a straight clock would be used for triggering, e.g. in S&H- or clock-dividing-modules. Thanks to the big number of CV- and trigger-tracks, SEQ-02 will always allow for some extra assignments beside the drum-groove.

The module has a width of 100 mm (20 TE).


Featuring the KORG Monotron with cv/gate mod

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monotron with cv/gate modification​vto/​diy/​monotron.html

KORG monotron DELAY x monotribe = Future Dub Sound!!!!!!

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Background information (Googlish from japanese):

Palm-sized battery-powered, with analogue synthesizers monotron DELAY echo like an analog delay.
The VCF circuit is equipped with a highly rated circuit is employed to MS-10/MS-20, adopt a similar filter to MS-10/MS-20 DELAY FEEDBACK. Further input to the AUX input sound because it is inserted in front of the filter circuit can be used as a filter / delay effects to monotron DELAY.

For more product information

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