Dueling Monotribes 85BPM

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Always up for a good fight :-)

This video features John Keston and Lucas Melchior improvising on two synched up Korg Monotribes. The Korg NanoKontrol is being used to apply swing to the sync signal as well as control delays and filters. The two electronic musicians are teaching a class, titled “Drum Machines,” starting January 17, 2013 at the Ableton certified training center Slam Academy in Minneapolis. Learn how to make music by synchronizing your musical devices, old and new. Featuring Ableton Live, Dave Smith Instruments Tempest, Expert Sleepers, Korg Monotribe, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, and more!

Sign up for the class here:

Slam Academy:

John Keston:

Lucas Melchior:

amPlug + monotribe X3 – NOBUSHI / BakaOscillator

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Composed by BakaOscillator
Use, KORG monotribe X3, VOX amplug (Bass,Lead,Night Train)


Monotribe madness: BakaOscillator Ver. (Original music by A.Madarame)

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Original music By A.Madarame

Composed by A.Madarame.
Arranged by BakaOscillator.
Use, KORG monotribe X6, KP3, KP QUAD, BOSS DR-110.

KORG Monotribe and VOX Amplug demonstration

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Composed by BakaOscillator.
Use, KORG monotribe + VOX amplug.

Details on the Amplug below:

The headphone guitar amp that lets you enjoy serious guitar sound, fast.
Jamming late at night? Don’t want to wake the neighbors? The amPlug Series of palm-sized headphone guitar amps make it easy to enjoy great guitar sounds at home, in your room, or anywhere. Simply plug the amPlug directly into any guitar, attach a pair of headphones, and you’re ready! Use the AUX input jack to plug any CD/MP3 player right into the amPlug and jam along. Connect the optional amPlug Cabinet (sold separately) to create a miniature amp stack to share the sound with friends.

More info here >>

Modular stuff: Lost Harmonic Identity Part

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“Lost Harmonic Identity” never died.
This ist the first track after a while that belongs to LHI.

Drums: MFB Schagzwerg, Korg Monotribe, Makenoise Optomix
Drunk guitar: WMD Syncrodyne with Makenoise René
1st pad: Cyclonix Cyclebox
“Dissonant” pad: Intellijel Rubicon

more @ http://www.klirrfaktor.com

MTribe (MIDI editor and control surface for the Korg Monotribe)

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Background details:

Editor and Control Surface for the Korg Monotribe.
MTribe is available at: http://www.fabriziopoce.com/MTribe.html
Requires a MIDI mod (such as http://amazingmachines.com.br/store.html or any similar midi mod)

Feature list:

– MIDI IN/OUT for all MIDI supported features in a practical GUI.
– New: Presets (load/save for storing and recalling presets!)
– New: Key Tracking. In real time pitch modulates LFO intensity / VCF cutoff.
– New: LFO as second oscillator, auto tuned based on harmonics schemes.
– New: Glide emulation and finer pitch bending (more precisely than raw MIDI)
– New: XY Pad for two parameters at once (with reset and spring mode)
– New: (optional) note off removal (to remove gate clicks) and velocity off/on.
– Moreover: simple, but useful, presets editing (copy, paste and name preset)
– Moreover: preset randomizer for each section (VCA, LFO, modulation, glide)
– Supports MIDI learn for the GUI through extra MIDI input (standalone).
– Supports Ableton Live MIDI learn and envelopes in the Max for Live version
– Integration: if you do not use Ableton Live / Max for Live, you can still integrate the MTribe standalone with your DAW using MIDI (IAC bus on Mac / MIDI Yoke on Windows)

Notes: standalone does not requires any additional software to run.
Only Ableton Live device version requires Max for Live.

News: the additional devices used in this video (StepSequencer64 and PatDrummer) are now available at http://www.fabriziopoce.com/download.html

Inside Synthesis – Korg Monotribe Review (with Mods)

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“Here’s my review of the Korg Monotribe. My version has some very useful mods, but the first half of the video focuses on the basic features.”

The Monotribe recently got updated to version 2, here are the details:

System Version 2

Announcing a major update for the monotribe!
Version 2 provides many new features to take your playing to a new dimension!

Announcing a major update to the monotribe analog ribbon station — the full-fledged analog synth and rhythm unit with a step sequencer inherited from the Electribe! The monotribe Version 2 adds a plethora of new features, allowing you to create sequences that are even more elaborate, or to layer complex musical developments for extended performances.

Surely one of the most exciting additions is a new synchronized performance mode that allows for new type of performance using multiple monotribe units. Whether you’ve never touched a monotribe or whether you’re an expert who is thoroughly familiar with all of the current features, this new update guarantees that your analog groove-making will be more intense than ever before!


  • Synth part resolution has been doubled to 16 Steps
  • Volume Automation has been added to the synth part.
  • Active Step can be specified for each part.
  • Drum Roll capability has been added.
  • Gate Time Hold function has been added.


  • Sample and Hold (S&H) function added to LFO.


  • Connected sequences allow multiple monotribe units to play in rotation.
  • Half Tempo function has been added.

Short Cut Keys:

  • Four convenient shortcuts for creating patterns quickly

16-Step Synth parts
As with drum parts, the synth part now provides timing information in between the steps in a sequence, allowing a pattern to achieve a total of 16 steps.

Synth Part Volume Automation
Volume Automation allows the synth volume to be recorded during playback to create more detailed sequences. The left side of the ribbon controller keyboard decreases the volume, and the right side increases it. This Volume Automation can even be controlled when if Flux mode is on.

Set individual Active Steps for each Part.
The Active Step function lets you specify which steps are played or jumped when playing back the step sequencer. Now, the Active Step can be set individually for each of the SYNTH, BD, SD, and HH parts. By specifying a different number of steps for each part, you can create complex polyrhythms.

Sample & Hold (S & H) added to the LFO
The newly added S&H function is indispensible for creating mysterious analog synth sound effects. The RATE knob adjusts the frequency of change, and the INT. knob adjusts the depth of change.
“What is Sample & Hold?”
Unlike traditional LFO waveshapes that provide a constantly changing signal, the Sample & Hold feature takes a “sample” of the LFO signal and holds that level for a specific duration of time. The results are the highly popular and slightly random stepped-filter effects so famously used in analog synthesizers. By using noise as the input signal, the monotribe version 2 lets you create effects that change in a distinctively random manner.

Drum Roll capability
A roll can now be added to the desired drum part. The speed of the roll can be controlled using the ribbon controller keyboard; moving toward the right will increase the number of strikes. You can also record the drum roll using the sequencer to intuitively create subtle and dynamic drum patterns.

Linked Sequences play multiple monotribes in rotation
The Link Sequence feature is a completely new sync method that vastly expands the scope of the monotribe, to deliver even more fun. When sequence playback reaches step 8, the sequence will automatically stop and the next monotribe unit will start playing. By loop-connecting the SYNC jacks, the playback can keep cycling through multiple units – in true modular fashion!

New Additions
The Gate Time Hold function lets you use the ribbon controller keyboard to play and record new pitch information while retaining the gate times recorded in the sequencer. Also new is the Half Tempo function, which cuts the tempo in half when synchronizing to an external input from the SYNC IN jack. In addition, there are now four shortcut keys that instantly initialize various types of sequence data or active step settings.

MIDITRIBE IO – MIDI-fy Your Monotribe

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Third party retrofit kit from Amazing Machines, for adding MIDI in and out to the Korg Monotribe.

Amazing Machines has officially released the MIDITRIBE I/O – a mod for the Korg Monotribe that adds MIDI In and MIDI Out.

Here’s what’s new in the MIDITRIBE I/O, vs their earlier MIDITribe mods:

  • MIDI OUT functionality (Outputs MIDI Clock / The Synth Part works as an arpeggiator running at 1/16, which responds to pitch information recorded in each of the internal sequencer’s 16 steps for controlling external synths on MIDI Channel 1 / The Rhythm Part sends trigger information to MIDI Channel 10)
  • Control external synths using the Ribbon Controller for Note ON / OFF, Volume Controller – CC 7 and Gate Time
  • Send Continuous Controllers 1, 16, 80, 81, 82 and 83 to MIDI OUT Channel 1
  • Couples as a MIDI Clock to Sync Pulse or Sync Pulse to MIDI Clock converter using the MONOTRIBE’s built-in Sync I/O
  • Added the best MIDI (Female DIN5) connectors available on the market
  • Added a Manufactured PCB

MIDITRIBE I/O is pre-assembled and no soldering is required for installation.

See the Amazing Machines’ site for full details.

Monotribe Delay

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“A good delay was an essential part of the classic analog synthesizer sound. More often than not, that delay came from a tape-style echo machine until affordable digital delays were created. The monotron DELAY is an analog synthesizer optimized for sound effects. In addition to its analog oscillator, filter, and LFO, it also provides a Space Delay that’s indispensable for swooping, cosmic sounds. The monotron DELAY even reproduces the pitch changes that occur when you vary the delay time, just as though you were using an analog tape echo. As with the filter, the delay effect can be added to any external sound via the Aux In jack. This fat and warm delay will add an authentic edge to your analog sounds!” – Korg.com

Via WTTE/Oliver Chesler

The Klirrfaktor: Krautstep (Modular System & Korg Monotribe)

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Background information about the gear and music:

First Track for my next album (or so).
My latest (modular) album you can find here: http://theklirrfaktor.bandcamp.com/album/an4log
Maybe this track is to dirty, noisy or trashy but it`s fuckin cold and all those stupid politicians round the world go crazy and i’m very very angry 😀

Beats: MFB Schlagzwerg + Electro-Harmonix Metall Muff, Doepfer A-106-1 + ART Pro Channel
Bass: Bubblesound uLFO & WMD Gama Wave Source + Wiard Borg Filter modulated by MakeNoise Maths
Lead: Pittsburgh Generator + A-124 Wasp Filter + Ibanez SM7 Smash Box + A-199 Spring Reverb
FX/Percussion: Korg Monotribe & all the other modules 😀

I hope you like the track!

More @ http://www.klirrfaktor.com

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