Sneak preview – The MatriX sequencer for Ableton Live

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This is only the teaser of a coming new sequencer for Ableton Live & Max for Live.

It provides a totally new way to make sequences directly inside Ableton Live.
It is poly & iso rhytmic.
It can trigger anything responding to standard MIDI Notes.

Stay tuned to our channels:

Modular Series – Shuffler 2.0.0

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on Modular Series – Shuffler 2.0.0 

This device allows you to rearrange incoming audio on the fly, it also allows these slices of audio to be glitched and reversed or muted…

All controllable via midi and with a running light that can be mapped to give visual feedback on a midi controller…

Part of the modular series which can be subscribed to at

SmileForLive 1.0 – free generative synth

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Download SmileForLive for free:…

This is a simple generative music synthesizer built in Max/MSP created by Diego Caponera, Nicolò Paternoster and Giuseppe Sorce. It involves 5 FM generators which play notes randomly based on a root key and intervals defined by the user. It’s an university project made for an exam for Sound’s Science degree ( Math Department of Roma Tor Vergata ).

The software is distributed “as is”, without any warranty, under a GPL license.

SmileForLive is a 5 parts generative FM synthesizer for MaxForLive, featuring:

* Glitchy palette of sounds
* Change notes with MIDI (from clips and/or controllers)
* Switch Harmonic/Dissonant to avoid dissonant chords
* Clock synced
* Fully MIDI mappable
* Glide!

This is the port of the original SMILE application, plus additional features.
Have fun :)

M4L BigMuff

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Pretty cool

Electro-harmonix BIGMUFF on Max for Live(M4L).

Get it here >>

Focus on the The Alterator v1.0 with Max for Live

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AVAILABLE: for 4.99€ only!

This Max for Live device is an audio effect combining a pure raw comb filter with a kind of sound degrader.
It can be used for rythmic, but for melody processing too.

– raw comb filter
– LFO modulation of the comb filter
– sound degrader (bit resolution + sample rate)

– Max for Live (5.1.9)
– Ableton Live (8.2.6)

Preview of the Uncanny Sequencer for Ableton Live

November 2, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on Preview of the Uncanny Sequencer for Ableton Live 

This is the teaser of The Uncanny Sequencer, the new Sequencer for Ableton Live made with Max for Live.

Latest developments on this can be found here >>

In the studio: Ableton liveset tryout

October 25, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on In the studio: Ableton liveset tryout 

Ableton in action:

Trying to find a way to combine a couple of tracks and keep it as live as possible(without losing the plot). The control is stock Live and Automap, no Max4Live. Sounds are 50% standard Ableton and 50% sampled hardware (mostly Oberheim Matrix-1000). FX all standard Ableton except the free “King Dubby” plug-in used in the first track. My brain is the bottleneck. I just wish Novation would do a $500 version of the Launchpad with LCD buttons which could display text/color.

Max 6 Sneak Peaks

October 14, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on Max 6 Sneak Peaks 

MSP Audio Quality

just a couple of clicks and drag in the NEW user interface !

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

  • Discoverability: A “wheel” makes the mysterious functions of different objects immediately visible; Object Explorer makes them easier to find, and new help and reference sidebar keep documentation close at hand.
  • 64-bit audio engine
  • Open multiple patches, solo and mute them, open and close them without stopping audio, mix audio between them with independent volume, and take advantage of multiple processors with multiple patches.
  • Low level building blocks: You don’t get new synth objects, but you could build them yourself. New low-level data-crunching goodness work with MSP audio, Jitter Matrix, and OpenGL textures
  • More JavaScript: An overhauled JavaScript engine makes JS scripting faster and more flexible, and there’s a proper text editor with syntax highlighting (though, of course, you may still prefer your own).
  • New visuals: Vector graphics and “HTML5 Canvas-like” UI scripting (though to me it’s a shame this isn’t just the HTML5 Canvas). There are also massively-expanded Jitter powers, but those are best left to our sister site Create Digital Motion.
  • Filters: New filter-visualizing tools for audio filter construction and manipulation.
  • Dictionary data type and associated objects let you describe information in a more structured way (all kinds of potential here from control to composition)
  • Projects now let you organize data, media, and scripts in the manner more associated with conventional development environments
  • What about Ableton? No news on that front, but I expect more soon. Max for Live users will at the very least get the advantages above, since Max for Live is really Max inside Live.

IannixSequencer – MaxForLive Device

September 16, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on IannixSequencer – MaxForLive Device 

In case you have missed this nice Max for Live device:

A small demo of the “Iannix Sequencer” MaxForLive device I created. Using this device inside Ableton Live and Iannix you can create rhythmic patterns (like using a step – sequencer) with visual feedback of whats going on directly in Iannix.

download link:​IannixSequencer
For more info on Iannix software visit:
For more info about Softcore visit:

AKAI APC Effect Sequencer by Mark Egloff

September 15, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on AKAI APC Effect Sequencer by Mark Egloff

Max4Live effect sequencer patch by Mark Egloff. This patch turns your AKAI Professional APC20 or APC40 into a versatile effect step sequencer.
Download this Max4Live patch at

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