Bong-Ra beats on Noisepad

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Taking the Bong-Ra samples for a spin.

Drum & Bass

All used samples are available in the in-app store.

The Wablet – physics based synthesiser and noise toy

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Robert Tubb has introduced The Wablet, a “physics based synthesiser and noise toy”.

An animated mesh of springs can be vibrated with the fingers. A path around this mesh is read as into an audio waveform, and hence your gestures are turned into sound. Complex evolving drones, chiptunes bleeps or full on noise can be produced, and beautiful undulating patterns created. The physical properties of the mesh can be changed using the sliders, new sound-paths can be drawn onto the Mesh and the App comes with a Max/MSP patch for wireless MIDI control and more in depth adjustable parameters. The Wablet scans the current state of the interactive mass-spring network and uses that waveshape as an oscillator cycle for synthesizing sound.

The Wablet – being triggered via MIDI over a wireless network. No two loops are quite the same.

Get it here >>

Modular System goes the noise thing

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All you can eat Saturday morning modular synth stuff, details below:

Check my new modular album “Spaghetti Syndrome”:

Kick: Toppobrillo Triple WaveFolder, MFB Schlagzwerg, Hertz Donut
Snare: Noise + Frequen Steiner
HH: TipTop Hats909
Percussion: Pittsburgh Generator, Dalek Modulator, MakeNoise Optomix, Wiard Noisering
Melo Pads: 2 MakeNoise René playing 2 WMD Synchrodyne
Bass: uLFO & WMD Geiger Counter
Noise Pad: Bobblesound VCOb & Intellijel Rubicon
and more 😀
A hires photo of the pacth maybe tomorrow ^^

EMW Voltage Controlled Digital Noise – Eurorack module

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New EMW Eurorack module, the Voltage Controlled Digital Noise. Just reverb was added.
On this patch our Sequential Voltage and our Sample & Hold modules are controlling the VCF cutoff frequency. Later we used the second Sample & Hold output to modulate the Digital Noise frequency.

The Deathlehem Machine portable edition

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Background description for this video by Richarius Molindarius:

This is a very short video to give you a rough idea of what my latest noise machine can do! 😀 This one’s a little different though! Not only is he PORTABLE and will be running on a pair of 9V batteries, but he also has STEREO speakers built into him and will have 2 stereo outputs as well! 😀
This is the prototype of my idea that I originally had for my 4th Deathlehem Machine that I built in the mid 90’s. This guy though blows that one away, as this one is operating on 4 x Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillators! 😀 (2 of them USED to be 1V/oct. VCOs in my modular. The other 2 x VCLFOs were taken from the same place.)
The 2 x former VCOs can play then entire audio range as well as drop down to almost pausing speed VCLFOs with the triangle waveform. They can also modulate the other VCLFOs with squarewaves
The 2 x VCLFOs can operate from almost pausing speed up the midrange of audio with either triangle or squarewaves.

Each of the 4 x VCLFOs have the following controls:
– Coarse tuning
– Fine tuning
– Control Voltage #1 amount
– Control Voltage #2 amount
– Triangle or Squarewave
– a speed LED
– a volume control

Each of the 4 x VCLFO’s can modulate 2 others. The connections are:

VCLFO #1 is hardwired to modulate VCLFO #2 and VCLFO #3
VCLFO #2 is hardwired to modulate VCLFO #3 and VCLFO #4
VCLFO #3 is hardwired to modulate VCLFO #4 and VCLFO #1
VCLFO #4 is hardwired to modulate VCLFO #1 and VCLFO #2

There be some huge amounts of modulation potential in this guy as well as audio screaming that’ll scare not one but BOTH of your grandmas! 😀 Lol.

I’m seriously debating putting this prototype up for sale on e-Bay once he’s completed. I only have a couple of small things to do now to finish it up in a nice carry-around portable package.

Lemme know what you think he would be worth to anyone out there he gets a kick out of making sounds that you wont find everyday in your nearest CD store! 😀

Thanks for any input! :)

Bye buy boys and girl! 😉
Unkle Ryk

Sunday morning modular noises

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Up early this (in Northern Europe) very windy Sunday morning – then go ahead and enjoy some modular synth noises from Lyonel Bauchet:

Twisted Waveform Generator + Harmonic Oscillator mastered by Complex Waveform Generator via Spectral Processors, through Time Machine and Frequency Shifter Twins.

Malakwa’s new track called Pyramid Eye

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A new video featuring the electro clash, punk, noise and electro act Malakwa, enjoy

Checking out the Noisemusick app

September 14, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on Checking out the Noisemusick app 

Music Ipad App first look at this amazing collection of 3 synthesizers
Great for making strange sounds and odd noises. Get it for $0.99 from the itunes store.

New experimental EP: Celebrates the BBC’s Experimental Stereo FM Broadcasts

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Absolutely fabulous :-)

It was 50 years ago this week when the BBC began broadcasting regular experimental stereo FM broadcasts. While the musical climate and how we get our music has changed considerably since then, there’s no doubt the BBC’s influence on all subsequent media, and recording artists, has been tremendous, especially the far-out sounds that came from its Radiophonic Workshop. To commemorate this anniversary, our very own Tim “Love” Lee (Two For Tennis, Tuesdays at 4pm ET) pays tribute to the BBC’s wild side with Test Signals—a limited-edition EP of electronic strangeness on Lee’s Tummy Touch imprint featuring the help of Tara Busch, Jack Dangers and Si Begg. Stream the EP below, then head here to pick up one of the 150 copies of the 7”, which includes a download featuring bonus remixes from the likes of Sonic Boom, Depth Charge, Kirk De Giorgio and others.

Listen here:

DPO + Maths + Noisering + QMMG

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Three takes of (basically) the same patch, played back simultaneously.

Make Noise DPO (VCO-A Lin FM of VCO-B, fixed index), controlled by Noisering outputs 1 and 2 (via Doepfer A-156 Dual Quantizer). Scaled versions of these voltages are also controlling the Rise, Fall and “Both” (timebase) values of three envelopes on two Maths modules, which are opening two LPG channels and two VCA channels on the QMMG (2x LPG –> VCA stereo arrangement), and are triggered by the Trig Outs of the A-156. Both LPGs are fed by the sine out of DPO VCO-B.

The Wogglebug’s clock out is patched to the External Control input on the Noisering, and its Stepped output (through an attenuator) is controlling the A-156’s Transpose amount.

The three takes were recorded and mixed together between 6 and 7am– lighting courtesy of the rising Chicago sun.

(Number in the top-right indicates which take is on screen.)

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