MFOS Noise Toaster Presentation

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Noise Toaster details can be found below:
The MFOS Noise Toaster is the latest LO-FI project we’ve come up with deep in the MFOS underground lab. I really think people who attend noise fests, noise battles, synth-diy meets, the symphony (alright maybe not the symphony…) are going to consider this standard equipment (symphony during intermission may be OK). I have to say that in some places having this much fun with a single nine volt battery might just be totally illegal so be careful where you bring it! The Noise Toaster has: One wide range VCO, a WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, a simple but fun VCF, a simple but effective VCA, an AR envelope generator, an LFO with several waveforms, a line out jack, and a nicely normalized switching scheme. But wait… there’s more! Last but not least we’ve put a 1W amp and speaker right into the unit. I want to emphasize that this device is LO-FI. It is not a temperature compensated, V/Octave trackin, needs calibratin’, must have highest quality components – kind of thing. This thing is just a freakin’ blast to goof with. Prepare to create a limitless cadre of amazing and unusual sounds. And of course there will be mods in the future. How about connecting your WSG to the Noise Toaster’s filter and VCA… I already put some pads on the PC board to facilitate it. You could even modulate the Noise Toaster with the WSG (pads for that too)! I plan to offer kits and PC boards as well as complete units. I’ll put a blurb on the MFOS home page when the project is posted.

Why is it called the “Noise Toaster” you ask? Well, what would you call something that has a bunch of knobs and switches that, when twiddled, cause unusual sounds and noises to pop out? Right… Then… On to the next project.

Noisepad Sequencer – Sneak preview

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Here’s a teaser for the upcoming release of the updated Noisepad Sequencer, check it out, details can be found below:

SOON AVAILABLE ON THE APPSTORE : Noisepad with build-in sequencer. Now you can make your own patterns with the Noisepad sequencer.

New features:
– Save up to 12 patterns
– Variable pattern length (bars)
– Tap
– Swing
– Metronome
– Organize your samples (drag and drop on your pads)
– Hold button.

Check out our website for the latest updates

DIY synth: MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box

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The MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box is a great introduction to synth-diy electronics. This simple circuit can really make a lot of cool sounds and it has a speaker and amp built in. It runs off of one nine volt battery and draws very little current. PC boards are available and kits will be soon also. You can find the entire project here:…

Freakangel – The Faults Of Humanity

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Taken from the album “The Faults Of Humanity” (Alfa Matrix, DWA)
Buy it here: (EU & US)


29.09.11 Rock Cafe / Tallinn, EST

Experimental: Musical Kettle

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Here’s a nice experimental noise video from Yuri Zusuki, check it out:

I wanted to contribute to the design of daily domestic noises. alarms, mobile phones, a doorbell; he is of the opinion that not enough thought has been given to the noises they produce. The musical kettle is a part of series ‘re-design soundscape’. As the kettle boils it whistles your favorite tune.

Production assistant Naoki Kawamoto

Official Noisemusick Demo

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The noisemusick app is a collection of three controllable synthesizers that generate interesting chaotic sounds. Have fun creating sonic bedlam, exploring weird soundscapes, or use it to great effect in your live performances and recordings. It’s squonky electric fun for the whole family!

Tuned Cave Stalactites

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normal noises processed by tuned cave stalactites


New demo of the iOS app – Noisemusick

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This is a demo of the iOS app Noisemusick. Since I haven’t seen any videos of it here and the developer hasn’t released one yet I figured I would give the market a little demo of what this app can do. Recorded via iSight through Photo Booth hence the shitty quality, but I hope at least the sound can do the app justice.

The Noisemusick app is a collection of THREE controllable synthesizers that generate interesting chaotic sounds. Have fun creating sonic bedlam, exploring weird soundscapes, or use it to GREAT EFFECT in your live performances and recordings. It’s squonky electric FUN for the whole family!

With Noisemusick you can:

  • Choose a sound to match your mood: blue, green, or pink!
  • Practice and probe to find interesting interactions of sound!
  • Discover weird oscillations!
  • Use it as a raw input to other filters and effects!
  • Run on an iphone or iPad; it’s a Universal app

The original circuit boards were inspired by a workshop presented by Jessica Rylan in 2007. The original Noisemusick schematic includes two infrared sensors for additional chaos on the inputs. Since your mobile device doesn’t have an infrared input, the circuit has been modified accordingly.

Check out the Droner for iPad

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Welcome to The Droner, experimental noise & drone station for iPad. On the left, you can see the routing schematics of the synthesizer. Be careful, you don’t have a classic or a regular machine in your hands. Indeed, it can produces very unique and strange sounds textures and you have to learn to handle it.

You have to use it with earphones or to use a line input on your sound-system in order to render the best results.

You can record while playing with it. The PCM file will be saved in the document folder of The Droner application on your iPad. You use iTunes to manage the files in this folder to backup them on your computer, or remove them.

Get it here >>

DAF re-issues their debut album

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Out via Bureau B on May 11th is the reissue of the 1979 debut by D.A.F. aka Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft. The band then consisted of Rober Görl, Wolfgang Spelmans, Kurt Dahlke (Pyrolator) and Michael Kemner. D.A.F. connoisseurs of course know about the early phase of the Dusseldorf-Wuppertal band but for most fans of the later work by the duo this debut will sound rather shocking. Expect purely instrumental, unstructured noise rock.

“A product of German-American friendship” first was released in 1979 on Warning Records, later Ata Tak. The reissue in digipak contains liner notes by Carsten Friedrich (Super Punk) plus rare photos and memorabilia. The LP is on 180 gram vinyl.

Via SL

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