Zero TV – Electronic Summer 2013

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Zero TV is the swedish magazine Zeros web-tv channel –

Although Swedish it provides a good overview of Sweden’s fastest growing synth music / electronic music festival Electronic Summer

New video from OMD – Night Café

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Night Café is the 3rd single to be released from English Electric
A limited edition CD digipack featuring exclusive B-side “Kill Me” along with the complete set of b-sides from the English Electric era as well as 4 Night Cafe remixes is out 16th September

Preorder CD:
Preorder iTunes:

English Electric is out now and is available digitally, as a CD, as a deluxe CD/DVD set and as a heavyweight vinyl with CD.

CD Deluxe:

Synth music from Benge – Twenty Systems Again

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Benge has decided to re-release an album where he performs one song per unique synth in his collection, details in his own words below:

My 2008 album Twenty Systems has been reissued at last! So if you have been looking for it out there in the shops or online since it sold out a few years ago – well you can get it here (if you are in USA you can pre-order it here). The release is exactly the same as the original with the exception of a few minor tweaks that niggled me about the original (but the content and audio are identical). Thanks to Steve Malins, Darren at Cargo, and Paul Agar for helping to make it happen this time round!

Weekend electronica update – new music for your ears

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This Friday we have a lot of new stuff for you in the synth music, electronica, electro space – check out these new tracks from Paralox, Mikro, Daybehavior and more

Parralox – “Silent Morning (Meltdown Remix by John von Ahlen)” – Music Video for the track “Circles” (taken from the 2013 EP “Future Past”). You can purchase the download single at… or for the CD aficionados at… (check the various packages). Edited & directed by Yves Schelpe. Filmed on location in Antwerp, Beligum. Track mastered by Geert de Wilde (IC 434).

ADT taken from the CD album DI*ode

Available for digital download on iTunes
Buy the CD on POPoNAUT

Join us on:
Facebook – Soundcloud – Reverbnation

“Just Another Day” is a new track from the new forthcoming MIKRO album that will be release in 2013 from UNDO Records.
Buy here from iTunes:…

Once again Swedish trio Daybehavior shows their massive skill in quality songwriting and top-notch production. This time Julian Brandt (former member of Kamera, Bobby, solo-career and currently, (May 2013), in a project with Marina Schiptjenko (Page)) visits on guest vocals in this stunning duet with Paulinda.

The B-side of the single “Luci Della Citta” is a new recording sung by Paulinda in italian.

Available at

“For a Thousand Years” is taken from the album “Follow That Car!” (Graplur 2012)
Also available as old fashion Compact Disc….

New Sunday morning synth music from Covenant and Kite

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Covenant “Last Dance” will be held June 11, 2013 via Metropolis Records.

Official video for Kite “Dance Again” (Taken from “V”/Progress Productions 2013). Director & Photographer: Jenny Farida // Editing & Additional photo: Videomaskinen // Lighting: Gustaf Lerne.

About Kite:

Kite is Christian Berg and Nicklas Stenemo. The Swedish electronic duo have released EP´s since 2008.

The musical expressions of Kite is based in a soundscape of emotional layers. With great nerve, a sense of drama, cold beats and serious songwriting-skills Kite moves on into the sad dancefloors like a heartaching update of the genre´s biggest stars; Kraftwerk, Ultravox and early Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark.

Sound of Science “Hydrodome” Teaser (From Within)

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Sound of Science have released their first synthpop single Hydrodome. This is Tom Carpenter and Jason Huffman band. Tom as you know is the man who creates the Analogue Solutions synthesizers. He has some great remixers on this single: Daniel Myer (Haujobb), John von Ahlen, Northern Kind and Julian Beeston. The next Sound of Science single will feature someone all Wire to the Ear readers know well so stay tuned.

“All alone in the hydrodome I can’t take it anymore.” – SOS

Buy now: iTunes

Second single from OMD’s English Electric album – Dresden (Single Version)

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Dresden, the 2nd single to be taken from English Electric. This single is being released as a CD single – preorder from

Furthermore, “Dresden”, the forthcoming second single from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s recently released “English Electric” album has also been given the remix treatment by John Foxx. The original got a remix with a pounding dance beat and harsher synth sounds. Says John Foxx of the remix; “OMG! – it’s OMD!”

The single, released on the 27th of May via 100% Records, will include the B-side “Time Burns” together with remixes by Mike Jolly and Bounce Darkside, while the iTunes bundle comes with a reworking by Zebra and Snake.

Welle:Erdball celebrates 20 years with new massive box compilation

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Out on May 24 is the Welle:Erdball jubilee box “20 Jahre”. This Box set is limited to 3.000 units and comes in a velvet box with silver embossment. The box contains 2 full CD’s with the best of Welle:Erdball from the last 20 years in partially new versions. Next to that you also get a DVD showing the band’s history. Add to that a 50 page deluxe booklet and a tie pin.

Note that the compilation has a new recording of the track “Telephonse”.


CD1: Honeys favourites

  1. Funkbereit
  2. Interaktiv
  3. Tanz eiskalt (C=64)
  4. Die Computer verlassen die Welt
  5. Die Weltenzahl
  6. Wir wollen keine Menschen sein (new recording)
  7. Sprechen & Denken
  8. 0173-1923954
  9. Kaffeeautomat
  10. Kabinett
  11. Finger weg von der Fernbedienung
  12. Computer-Rendezvous
  13. Wizard of Wor
  14. VW-Käfer
  15. Elektrosmog
  16. Walkman
  17. Wasserstoff (H2)
  18. Wir sind die Maschinen
  19. Komm in meinen Mund
  20. Schaufensterpuppen
    CD2: A.L.F.s favourites
  21. Mandala
  22. Verlieb Dich in mich
  23. Komm in meinen Mund
  24. Telephon W-38
  25. Meine Klangwelt (C=64)
  26. Kontrollierte Welt
  27. Grüsse von der Orion
  28. Deine Augen
  29. Es ist an der Zeit
  30. Der Telefonanruf
  31. Gib mir mein Gefühl zurück
  32. Die Stunde: NULL (C=64)
  33. Das Souvenir
  34. Ich bin aus Plastik (Single)
  35. Graf Krolock
  36. Deutsche Liebe (live)
  37. Metal Dust (Die Begegnung-2.Version)
  38. Volksempfänger VE-301
  39. Telephonse* (new recording)
  40. Feuerwerk

Jam with 2 Moogs, a Mopho (sequenced) and the Roland V-Synth

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Synth jam held on March 9th, 2013 by REWO (René van der Wouden). Recorded in one go.

All the great electro music releases you can look forward to in 2013 – Comprehensive listing

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Our electro friends at RMM have compiled a list with some – not all – of the releases coming up that you might be interested in. All focused on electronic and synth based music:


The Juggernauts: ”Phoenix” (EP, March 1)

Spetsnaz: “For Generations to Come” (March 1)

The Klinik: “Eat Your Heart out” (March 1)

Autechre: “Exai” (March 4)

Front 242: ”Transmission SE91” (live, March 4)

Blush Response: “Tension Strategies” (March 8)

Melotron: ”Stuck in the Mirror” (single, March 8)

Hurts: “Exile” (March 11)

Ghost & Writer: “Red Flags” (March 12)

Pankow: “And Shun the Cure They Most Desire” (March 12)

The Mary Onettes: “Hit the Wave” (March 12)

Karl Bartos: “Off the Record” (March 15)

Mesh: “Automation Baby” (March 15)

IAMX: “The Unified Field” (March 21)

Leaether Strip: “Serenade for the Dead II” (March 22)

Welle:Erdball: ”Computerklang Vollversion” (EP, March 22)

How to Destroy Angels: “Welcome to Oblivion” (March 25)

Informatik: “Playing with Fire” (March 26)

Depeche Mode: “Delta Machine” (March 26)

Autodafeh: “Blackout Scenario” (March 28)

Syntax: “EP2″ (EP, tbc)



The Knife: “Shaking the Habitual” (April 5)

OMD: “English Electric” (April 8)

Torul: “Tonight We Dream Fiercly” (April 9)

Wumpscut: “Madman Szpital” (April 9)

Snog: “Babes in Consumerland” (April 23)

Juno Reactor: “The Golden Sun of the Great East” (April 23)

Die Krupps: “The Machinists of Joy” (tbc)



Alison Moyet: “The Minutes” (May 6)

Suicide Commando: “When Evil Speaks” (May 14)

Thyx: “Below the City” (May 14)

Skinny Puppy: “Weapon” (May 28)

Martin Sköld: “The Fire Is on Me” (date in May tbc)

Kite: “V” (EP, date in May tbc)

Daft Punk (date in May tbc)



Henric de la Cour: “Mandrills” (tbc)



Covenant: “Leaving Babylon” (date in September tbc)

Code 64: “Power up” (tbc)


Dates and/or titles tba

Iron Fist of the Sun: ”Who Will Wash My Right Hand?”

League of Nations/David Sinfield: ”Music for the New Depression/Oblique Strategy”

Sleep Musuem: ”White Like Summer Sutures”

Welle:Erdball: ”Tanzmusik für Roboter”

Haujobb: “Blendwerk”

The Prodigy: “How to Steal a Jet Fighter” (working title)

Nine Inch Nails


Front Line Assembly



Pride & Fall


Conjure One

Cat Rapes Dog

The Machinist

Cryo (tbc during autumn)



VNV Nation



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