Free sound set for Virus TI owners

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Access Music has a nice freebie for Virus TI owners – the Ben Crosland Signature Sound Set 2011:

In creating this soundset, UK based artist Ben Crosland has used his intricate knowledge of the Virus to provide you with a new, go-to library of dazzling variety – the generous serving of phat basses, classic chip-tune blips, lush digital soundscapes, synapse-tickling leads and grinding arpeggiator grooves, is sure to push your musical creativity into overdrive!

Throughout the set, extensive use is made of the all features that came with TI OS4, so be sure to install the latest OS update to experience this soundset as intended.

The Ben Crosland Signature Sound Set is a free download for registered users.

Sneak preview of a coming soundset

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This is a sneak preview of a future soundset by UK based sound designer Ben Crosland. The patch collection focuses on contemporary electro, minimal and electronica sounds.

German synthesizer company Access Music released a free signature sound set by sound design wizard Ben Crosland. The Virus TI sound set focuses on contemporary electronic sounds from Electro to Dubstep and Commodore Sid to Ambient. Registered Virus TI owners can download the set free of charge from the Access Music website.

Classic game DOOM being taken by a virus

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audibleobsession has shared this fun video featuring a classic game being taken over by a Virus

felt nostalgic tonight and loaded up my favorite game of all time: DOOM. Except, my Access Virus TI was plugged in as my audio interface and it had overridden the default Windows MIDI. Since my Moog was plugged into the MIDI Out of the Virus, guess what started playing as the game booted up? That’s right, MOOG DOOM!”

Virus TI2 & Ableton

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Simon Stokes treats with some nice live techno during these dark mornings, featuring a Virus TI2

**The sound quality is still ravaged (especially the subs), but it is marginally better..**

Thanks for checking this out!

I can’t believe it’s actually been 10 months since I lasted posted a video of me making some live techno – thanks to anyone who has forgiven me and is still watching.. :]

All sorts of great things have happened this year – I have been playing more around the UK and internationally, putting out some tracks with some really nice labels and generally just enjoying myself.

This track is inspired by a recent visit to the Warehouse Project to see an epic set by Ricardo Villalobos & Raresh – he tore the place a new one and I think this track captures how it felt for me. This time round it’s a thudding techno track – very stripped, but chunky as well. The Virus is creating all the sounds in realtime as I play it, and Ableton is providing the percussion, controlled by my UC-33e.

I love making music, but I really get my kicks when other people enjoy listening to it. Please leave a comment or any feedback that you have for me, it will be warmly appreciated.

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them so post a comment or send me a message.



Virus TI Refill and VSTi

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Viral Outbreak Released! + Demo Refill and Demo Plugin Downloads
Viral Outbreak is a new soundware product based on the sounds of the
Virus TI hardware synthesizer. Using the power of extensive 96khz
multisampling, manual looping and professional preset design, Nucleus
SoundLab brings this powerful electronica sound to your productions!
Viral Outbreak is available both as a VSTi plugin, and a Reason 4.0

Viral Outbreak contains all manner of TI-based sounds. Classic
wavetables, raw saw and pulse waveforms (sampled at multiple
pulsewidths), unison dance leads, breathtaking pads, bizarre formant
effects, massive supersaws and even punchy synth drumkits. Details:

 * No sampler required! Viral Outbreak is powered by a full copy of
the amazing WusikEngine V4 by You can even use this engine
to load our other Wusikstation libraries!
 * Nearly 3.5GB of multisamples comprising 180+ soundsets.
 * Sampled at 32-bit 96khz quality! For resource efficiency, then
carefully downsampled to 24-bit 48khz.
 * Comes loaded with nearly 950 presets by the best preset designers
out there: Pro-Sounds, Teksonik, Tim Conrardy, Jeremy Janzen, rsmus7
and more!
 * An amazing, TI-inspired skin by Vera Kinter.

The Refill details:

 * Nearly 2GB compressed in Refill format! (contains the exact same
samples as the VSTi)
 * 235 unique Reason Combinators included by a variety of talented
Reason sound designers included Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard, Nick
Hutton, and Shaun Wallace.
 * Large variety of additional individual patches for Reason's
 * Programmed for Reason 4, and as such makes good use of Thor and

Listen to what Viral Outbreak offers by downloading the MP3 demos at
For a taste, here are some direct links - *many* more are available
on the product page (clear your browser cache if you can't see any
new mp3s)



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