iPod mopho mix – Pushing the boundaries

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Sequencing a DSI Mopho using a iPod Touch 4G running the Little Midi app w/Midi Mobilizer. The audio from the Mopho is routed back to the iPod via a iRig and filtered through Magellan Jr’s FX (delay/reverb) via Audiobus and then recorded in Audioshare. This pretty much pushes the iPod to its lmits as far as processing is concerned but it works.


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Massimiliano Fantuzzi has uploaded this little bleepy video featuring the Minitribe

TouchOSC and iPod Touch control AudioCubes through Max/MSP

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AudioCubes in action:

We created an FM synthesizer for the AudioCubes (http://www.percussa.com) in max/msp. This application allows you to make sounds with the AudioCubes without needing any additional applications or hardware. The software consists of several oscillators which can be connected to each other to create an FM synthesizer.

To change the parameters of these oscillators, we’ve made a template in TouchOSC. In this video, I’m running TouchOSC on my iPod Touch to easily changes these parameters. Through this TouchOSC template I can also change the colors of each of these 4 AudioCubes.
More info about our Touch OSC template and setup here: http://www.percussa.com/2012/06/08/touchosc-and-ipod-touch-control-audiocubes…

Also, if you’d like to see a demo of our FM synthesizer application for AudioCubes, go to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1sazw00pNA

Cool Music Hackday Project – Invisible Instruments, Made with Gestures

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Invisible Instruments, the winning hack by Tim Soo, began at the Boston event. Using Max/MSP and OSCulator, a Wiimote, and iPod touch, the instruments emulate a violin, drum pads

Good news for iPod and iPhone lovers

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audioMIDI.com and VirSyn have announced iSyn, a virtual music studio for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

iSyn features

  • Touch keyboard for live playing.
  • Eight drum pads- tap for live beats.
  • Two synth and one drum grid sequencer track.
  • Two fully-programmable three-oscillator virtual analog synths.
  • 32 song projects, each with 32 independent patterns.
  • Incredible modulation effects using tilt and X/Y touch screen.
  • Eight sample-playback drum machines- including 808, 909, synth drums and classic 80’s drum machines.
  • Effects generator with delay, chorus, flanger and phaser.


Pressing the “Live” button with track 1 or 2 selected lets you play the iSyn keyboard in real time. Transpose the keyboard range up and down with the arrows above the keyboard. Dragging your finger after notes are played lets you add slides and vibrato; dragging up and down adds mod parameters for extra expression!


Press the “Live” button while the “D” (drum)
track is selected and bang on the eight drum pads all day!


Tap and drag to insert notes on the grid. The piano keyboard can be swiped up and down to transpose the note range.


Press the “Pattern” button to select from 32 user-programmable patterns. Each project contains its own separate set of 32 patterns. Use the “AUTO” button to automatically play patterns one after the other and create entire songs!


Choose from 32 user-editable preset sounds.


Here you can choose a complete song to work on.
A “project” consists of sound settings for synth tracks 1 and 2,
drum track settings, effects setting and 32 patterns.


iSyn features two powerful virtual analog synthesizers with the same sound quality and editability of computer-based virtual instruments! Simply tap each “building block” to access in-depth editing parameters.

Roland TR909 for iPhone and iPod Touch, yesss!!

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Here’s another addition to iPhone / iPod touch, the author of the beautiful, minimal iPhoneSynth has created a drum machine inspired by Roland’s classic TR-909. Basic features, but it could be fun to hash out a drum pattern for your next tune on the subway: IR-909 is a drum machine for the iPhone inspired by the Roland TR-909. IR-909 features a 16-step sequencer, 4 patterns, 8 different drum sounds and the ability to adjust tempo(BPM) and shuffle amount.

iPhone Applications at roventskij.net

Pocket guitar for iPhone and iPod

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This is amazing alpha software for iPhone) Just a real pocket guitar)))

Although I am not very much of guitar fan myself, LOL


Rack mounted iPod – Finalllyyyyy

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As many others also concluded, I wasn’t aware that there was a real “iPod music playback” problem that needed a “rack-mounted solution, but how wrong I was :-)

Fit For Sound delivers high performance audio playback and an Integrated Universal Dock for iPod in a rugged, 2U rack mount configuration. Whether you are a fitness instructor, gym owner, or installation professional servicing bars, restaurants, or large stadiums, Fit For Sound is the ideal rack-mounted solution for iPod music playback.

MixMeister Express software is included with Fit For Sound, and it takes the guesswork out of creating custom remixes. MixMeister Express helps you:

  • Create professional-quality mixes, with beat-mixed transitions between songs that sound great
  • Make a song slower or faster to achieve the tempo you need, without changing pitch
  • Trim long songs down to size or remix short songs to make them last longer
  • Add one-click special effects for even more fun ways to blend songs together
  • Create a full-length mix CD (up to 80 minutes), and export your mix to your iPod or other portable audio player

Fit For Sound was designed by recording engineers to meet the demanding needs of both small and large professional venues. Large, easy-to-read controls, RCA jacks and balanced, pro-grade XLR outputs make this the ultimate rack-mountable iPod-driven player.

Go there >> 

Pd for iPod – finally….LOL

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God how long I´ve been waiting for this


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