Arturia Rhythm

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Another tune with Arturia Minibrute, Maschine Mikro Mk2 and Korg KP3

We go over the features and demonstrate the sounds of the Arturia MiniBrute analog synthesizer.

To listen to an original track using the Arturia MiniBrute, check out the track Boarding on Lonely Paul’s SoundCloud page:

Arturia Minibrute Gates the Monotribe

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In this sinister little piece the Monotribe makes a brief appearance (as a drum machine only) receiving gate signals from the MiniBrute. Apart from this the MiniBrute rules supreme over the rest of the tracks

Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)

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Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode Cover) with Arturia Minibrute, NI Maschine Mikro MK2, Korg Kaoss Pad 3

Minibrute Monotonous Improvisation

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Minibrute demonstration by Youtube alias Dovinia, details below:

Quite by chance a Minibrute ended up on my desk the other day. I wasn’t really going to order this synth but when one turned up for sale I couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out – if only to see if it can do other sounds than the ones that have so far been presented in various reviews. I think I quite like it.

PreBrute Worlds First MiniBrute Based Kontakt Synth

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So right before Xmas Arturia’s MiniBrute goes virtual for Kontakt, details below:

Programmed pre-sets for PreBrute are listed below for each demo
Festive Introductory Offer- 25% Saving at checkout until 07/01/13

DEMO – Downtown (Part 1)
Percussions: Synthetic Percussions (JW)
Percussions: Junkyard Orchestra (JW)
Percussions: Flabby Kicks 3 (JW)
Keys: Cyberphone (JW)
Bass: Fretless Smoothie (JW)

DEMO: Serenade
Bass: Serenade Bass (PS)
Pad: Serenade Pad (PS)
Lead: Serenade Lead (PS)
Drums: Maschine PreSid Kit Serenade

DEMO – Solitude
Keys: Grand Piano (Solitude) (JW) (two instances for panning purposes)
Pads: Retro Strings (Solitude) (JW)
Pads: Space Pad (Solitude) (JW)

Demo: Runner
Pad: Runner Pad Modulate Lp Master Filter (PS)
Pad2: Runner Pad Map Hp Master Filter (PS)
Bass: Runner Bass (PS)
Lead: Runner Lead (PS)
Drums: Maschine PreSid Kit Runner

DEMO – Downtown (Part 2)
Percussions: Res Toms (JW)
Percussions: Industry Snares (JW)
Percussions: Dance Kicks 2 (JW)
Percussions: Glitch 1 (JW)
Keys: Cyberphone (JW) (modified with a longer attack)
Bass: Fretless Smoothie (JW) (with modified cutoff)

Demo: Sunshine
Pad: Sunshine Pad (PS)
Stabs: Sunshine Chord Delay Stabs (PS)
Bass: Sunshine Bass (PS)
Lead: Sunshine Lead (PS)
Drums: Maschine PreSid Kit Sunshine

DEMO: For Clifford…
keys: Mr Wait’s Bourbon (JW)
lead: Manik Moon (JW)

Demo: Breakdown
Stabs: Breakdown Delay Chord Stabs (PS)
Stabs: Breakdown Accordion Like Chord Stabs (PS)
Bass: Breakdown Bass (PS)
Drums: Drum break used

Demos composed by Jonathan Watridge and Precious Sound
JW= Jonathan Watridge
PS=Precious Sound


• 2.16GB Kontakt 5 Library
– 7612 24bit samples
– 0.92GB Ram usage for first instance 200mb per instance after per project

• Equipment used
– Arturia MiniBrute
– AMS 1073lb (Class A)
– API 512C (Class AB)
– Type 1 cassette through a Tascam 122 MKIII

• 20 Waveforms sampled from MiniBrute
– 4 Flavours Per Osc (Raw/1073/512C/Tape)
– 80 Possible waveform choices per Osc

• 4 Oscillators
– Independent Amp ADSR / Filter ADSR
– 2 Switchable Envelopes per Osc Amp Adsr (Normal/Punch)
– Inv Phase per Osc
– Sample start adjustment per Osc

• Octave function
– Shift +/- 3 octaves per Osc (natively plays samples does not tune sample)

• Copy paste
– One Osc’s settings to another Osc

• 2 LFOs per Osc
– Adjustable Speed, Depth and Sync
– Shape: Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Sawtooth, and Random
– Destination: Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Osc Volume, Osc Pan, Osc Tune and Osc Fine Tune

• 7 FX per Osc
– Lo-fi / Distortion / Flanger / Phaser / Chorus / Saturation / Limiter

• 6 selectable Filters per Osc
– LP / HP / BP / Notch / Phase / Vow
– Adjustable Key track and Velocity amount

• Global Dual LP/HP Filter
– Global filters can be linked to behave like a BP Filter

• Global summing mixer
– Global Insert effects Width / Distortion / Tape Saturation / Eq / Limiter
– Global send effects Phaser / Flanger / Chorus / Ir Reverb / Delay
– Unison (up to 8 voice)
– Global Amp ADSR with a softer curve

• Onboard Preset system
– load and save presets via the global panel
– All sounds heard in all demo’s are available in the preset folder
– 45 presets to help get you started

• Intuitive design
– Large LED info Panel for a visual aide when setting up the synth

• Raw tones modulated within our engine

• Non-Intrusive Protection
– Sales are automated and you will recieve download links
– .NKI file (Instrument file) will be sent to your email address seperatly.
– Serial numbers are displayed on the global section of the instrument.
– our samples are not watermarked
– no file sent to you contains any personal information simply a serial number.

– PreBrute Kontakt £39.99 Inc VAT / $49.99 (Valid VAT numbers can be entered at checkout)

Arturia Minibrute – Mini Brute Drums For Ableton Live

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Here’s a nice treat from AfroDJMac featuring samples from the Minibrute, details below:

This free Ableton Live Pack features drum sounds created from samples of the Arturia MiniBrute. More specifically, I resampled sounds from the MegaBrute Collection for Ableton Live ( ) and created some odd and unique drum samples. From there I organized them into Ableton’s drum rack and added various effects. All in all it is 24 different drum sounds all created from the analog beauty that is the Arturia Mini Brute!

Free Download Here:

Spark + Minibrute = Love

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In this video, Arturia Sound Design Manager, Mike Hosker, shows you how to sync Spark with MiniBrute to create locked arpeggiated and LFO patterns with your beats.

Arturia Minibrute: “Mega Brute” Ableton Live Pack

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50 Ableton Live Instruments, created with samples from the Arturia MiniBrute. This collection of analog synth instruments takes the power of the MiniBrute and combines it with that of Ableton Live. Extremely playable and useful instruments with tons of effects and macro knobs for control.

Available at:

DopeDOD & the Arturia MiniBrute

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Peter Songolo, producer for the critically acclaimed Dutch Hip Hop band “Dope DOD”, shares his love for the MiniBrute analog synthesizer as it perfectly fits his needs for raw, aggressive urban & Dubstep basslines.

MiniBrute and the MicroKorg makes #1

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“I really do like the sounds of the MiniBrute and the MicroKorg, especial when they are together to make one.”

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