How to use SDX and EZX expansion packs within Beatstation

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Toontrack continues to deliver high quality demos on their Beatstation product, if you are a Beatstation user, please let us know what you think of it. I did a review of it some time back as well

The latest instalment of Toontrack’s Beatstation video series which explores how to use SDX and EZX expansion packs within Beatstation to enhance the already-huge bank of sound files.

Combining drums, bass and lead instruments with drag and drop, REX and MIDI support, Beatstation is your companion for quickly getting a full beat up and running or for diving into the smallest details of what you want your sound to be, to be able to realize your music, your expression. Just take WAV or MP3 files from any source to create unique and inspiring combinations.

You can combine and edit individual slices from your favourite REX files or create playable instruments from a single sound. All this can be done just with a few clicks of the mouse, making Beatstation a hugely powerful yet easy to use virtual instrument.…

Peff explores Dr Octo Rex in Reason 5

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This quick video demos using TouchOSC and Osculator to control Dr. Octo Rex in Reason 5.

Sure looks promising :-)

TouchOSC for iPad layout with loop switching controls for the Dr.OctoREX loop player in Reason 5.

Using Osculator 2.10 beta to configure feedback messages that switch off buttons in TouchOSC. Osculator could really use a ‘bang’ event to make this work perfectly.

Reason 5: Get to know Octo Rex

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The new Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player lets you load up to 8 REX loops into a single player but it’s so much more than that. This tutorial gets you up close and personal with the machine that will redefine how you use REX loops in your production.

For ambient and chill out composers…

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Big Chill Bundle’ combines the 3 most popular Equinox Sounds Ambient & Chill Out collections into one big bundle making this an invaluable tool for all the Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo producers and Soundtrack composers.

Big Chill Bundle features

  • Ambient Chill, 1.9 GB of quality loops and samples suitable for ambient, chill, downtempo, dub, atmospheric avant garde, lounge, dark and whatever else you chill with. Includes ACID/WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats.
  • Downtempo Chill, 20 laid-back construction kits for creating downtempo, trip-hop, smooth electronica, ambient and chill out music. You’ll get a total of 300 loops and phrases containing basslines, synthlines, pads, soundscapes plus drum loops and their isolated parts (snares, kicks, hi-hats, rides…). The kits are available in ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats.
  • Future Chill, euphoric ambient & chill out loops and phrases that you can use to create mellow ambient, chillout and downtempo music. There is an assortment of elements included and loads of “musical” inspiration to use as a starting point for the creation of new tracks. Includes 434 ACIDized WAV Loops and 300 REX2 Loops.

Price: USD 49.95

Visit: Equinox Sounds

Free REX loop pack of the Casio CT-647

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Casio CT-647

Pack Three contains 20 of the Preset drum loops sampled straight from the Casio CT-647 Home keyboard.

All the loops are in .REX format for use in Reason’s Dr. Rex player. However all the loops should load up with no problem in your favorite sequencer or sampler.
Also included in the pack are one shot samples of the kick drum, snare drums, high hats and cymbals, so creating your own drum loops shouldn’t be a problem.
Download Pack Three HERE!!!
Files are contained in a .RAR file for easy downloading.

New verison of Kontakt, with full REX support – finally

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– Extended Memory Addressing
KONTAKT 3.5 features full support for 64-bit memory addressing in both Windows and Mac OS X. This means you can load more than 4 GB samples into RAM in both stand-alone and plug-in mode. In Windows, 64-bit operating systems and sequencers with special stand-alone and VST versions are now supported. On Mac, the newly-created Memory Server feature bypasses the OS X’s 4 GB limit and can address as much RAM as you have installed – even in 32-bit hosts such as Logic or ProTools.

– Enhanced Sampling Engine
KONTAKT 3.5 features a completely re-designed sample playback engine. The Direct From Disk mode has been reworked to act dynamically, allowing the operating system to allocate memory in real time as you play and release voices. The result is a significantly smaller memory footprint which leaves more RAM for loading samples. This is especially useful with 32-bit systems where you can now load significantly more samples than was previously possible.

– Multi-processor support
KONTAKT 3.5 now provides true multi-processor / multi-core support. You can now switch multi-processor support on and off and set the number of processors / cores you want to use for KONTAKT. Up to 16 cores are now supported.

– Direct MIDI Learn
KONTAKT 3.5 now features MIDI Learn function for all sliders and knobs including Performance Views. Assigning MIDI controllers to KONTAKT sliders and knobs is quick and convenient with multiple assignments also possible.

– Enhanced Library Management
KONTAKT 3.5 integrates a visually enhanced library tab that now makes browsing and loading samples and libraries quicker and easier.

– Various Improvements
Further improvements in KONTAKT 3.5 include a bypass button for effect slots, localized info pane in six languages, improved automapping, Pro Tools compatibility under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, aftertouch interpretation added to KSP, a Play cursor for Beat Machine mode in Wave Editor and enhanced REX file support.

100 free loops from Loopcache

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Loopcache are giving away 100+ free minimal, tech house and electro loops to
anyone who joins their mailing list.

The location of the free pack is

Taiko Japanese Drums Refill

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Nine Volt Audio releases: Action Drums: Taiko Edition in several formats

+ Don´t miss to get the free demo refill from their homepage >>

Japanese Taiko Drum Sounds

Nine Volt Audio say that Action Drums: Taiko Edition brings the power, thunder and excitement of Japanese taiko drums to the REX, Stylus RMX, ACID wav and Apple Loop formats.
Here’s the details in their own words…
Recorded in a concert hall with microphones from stage to balcony, Action Drums: Taiko Edition captures the energy resonating from every strike, boom and cinematic blow. With suite names like Alley Sprinter, War Elephants and Lost Temple, Action Drums matches big sounds with grand imagery.
Action Drums focuses on a tempo range of 120-200 BPM. But as with all of Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series libraries, every REX-based loop can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts!
Whether setting the mood for an epic clash, scoring an adrenalin-charged chase scene or creating a conqueror’s anthem, Action Drums: Taiko Edition provides the sonic impact necessary for a wide range of compositional needs.

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