Korg ms-20 mini and Moog Rogue

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Background video description:

This is a recording from august when i got my mini.
I must say i love the Korg Ms-20 mini,
It have a warm and nice vintage sound and its very creative to play.
Keys.nois and build quality…..i dont have time to think about that when im in orbit :)
So this is me exploring the MS-20 mini next to the Moog Rogue

KORG ms-20 mini jam session

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‘ollilaboratories’ gives us a tour of his new MS-20 Mini, video description below:

Got my KORG ms-20 this week. Hooked it up for the first time today through a ibanez analogue Echo Shifter delay.

The ms20 was synced with a KORG monotribe through a jomox t-resonator with added rev+ddl FX.. the ms20 is clean except for the analogue delays.

No multitracking… one take no edits and overdubs straight into DAW just some limiter to keep the peaks down. And yep, its noisy and hissy, but thats the way i like it.

And yeah, i suffer from “cutoff frequency knob ticks”… 30 years w analogue synths does that to you :)

High qualtiy audio version for stream or download at: https://soundcloud.com/ollilab/ollila…

MS-20 Mini With Added Sequencer (Mods)

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Added a CD4022 based sequencer to a MS-20. Used the clock from the LFO to trigger the sequencer. Pretty basic for now

Rack Jam – Featuring KORG MS-20mini and friends

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Background video description:

Arranged rack improv. MS-20mini for bass (it’s still kicking ass), my new addition a Wavestation A/D for Air V
ox chords. A Roland JD800 and a Dave Smith Prophet ’08

Korg MS-20 — Drone Of A Legend

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Close look at a classic machine

The Spinto Band – Shake It Off (Korg Remix feat. MS-20 Mini, Monotribe, Monotron, microKORG & more!)

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All you can eat KORG;

Inspired by the new MS-20 Mini, our friends in The Spinto Band recently embarked on a Korg-based remix project of their infectious single, “Shake It Off”, taken from their latest LP, “Cool Cocoon”. Making use of MS-20 Mini, Monotron Delay, Monotron Duo, Monotribe and plenty more from the Korg family, they offer a unique spin on their sound!

For more on The Spinto Band:

http://www.spintonic.net (You can buy “Cool Cocoon” here!)

Korg.com Artist Profile at http://www.korg.com/Artist.aspx?artis….

Download this exclusive remix of “Shake It Off” at http://snd.sc/19IojGV.

KORG Volca Beats : Trio Jam: KROME/Volca Beats/MS-20 mini

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Volca Beats is adding synthetic spice to Krome’s realistic PCM Drum sound.

(KROME’s preset : PROG Bank D #024 2VCO Saw)

King Korg controling MS-20 mini + Monotribe + MFB-522

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Korg MS-20 Mini
King Korg Synthesizer
Drum Computer MFB 522
Korg Monotribe

Pedro Zopelar – MAWW Records

Gear comparison: Korg MS-20 Vintage vs. Mini

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This is a demonstration of the MS-20 Vintage vs. MS-20 Mini. They both sound amazing, but the age and other factors show that there are definitely differences. Information about each comparison is listed in text on the video. Enjoy.

More from Perfect Circuit Audio can be found below:

Check out our inventory of new and vintage gear!

Korg MS-20 Snare drum demo + Pro~One, Yamaha CS-30 and Synthesizers.com

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Background video description:

Why use samples or drum machines if you already have the necessary equipment to create drum sounds. Making your own drum sounds is both fun and more personal.

In this video I’ve used a Korg MS-20 for snare drum. The MS-20 is perfect for making snare, clap sounds thanks to the resonant hi-pass filter. The kick is programmed on a Sequential Circuits Pro~One by Jonas Sjöström. The Pro~One is great for kicks and can do Speak&Spell (Vince Clarke) kicks and all the way up to 909.

Hi-hats are made by a Yamaha CS-30, the CS synths hi-pass/band-pass filter is perfect for making hi-hats. The best CS synth for making hi-hats is the CS-10… hard to find snappier envelopes. I don’t own a CS-10 anymore so I had to use a CS-30. The trigg to the CS-30 seems to be messed up, the hi-hat some times starts and stops…

Since the MS-20 was occupied making snare-sounds I had to use a Synthesizer.com to make the hand-clap. Not as easy as making a hand clap on a MS-20 but I think it sounds pretty ok. I will record another video when I create a hand clap on a .com.

Effects used in the video is a Klark Teknik DN-780 and a Sony MU-R201

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