Sampling Inside the Reason Rack

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Sampling isn’t always about sticking a mic in front of your dog to turn his bark into your next bass lead. Sometimes the best stuff you can sample is inside the Reason rack. Why would you want to do this if it’s already in Reason? There’s plenty of reasons and Mattias Häggström Gerdt will show you the why’s and how’s.

Get the grips with how to manage sampling in NI’s Maschine

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Native’s Maschine: Create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments with MASCHINE – the highly enjoyable instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect unit and VST/AU plug-in host. Everything is intuitively controllable via the fully integrated hardware – once you touch the tactile controller the fun and intuitive workflow takes over, allowing you to stay focused on what matters – the music.

MASCHINE is constantly evolving; the latest 1.6 free update makes it possible to plug any VST® or Audio Unit™ plug in into MASCHINE, with parameters auto-mapped to the controller so you can immediately start tweaking your sounds. MASCHINE integrates easily into your computer-based studio set-up. Use the hardware controller to find, load and play sounds, automate parameters and arrange patterns on the fly. Combine this with the ability to control and sequence all of your external hardware instruments, or switch to MIDI mode to control other software. After quickly and intuitively developing your ideas, drag and drop your patterns as MIDI or audio files directly into your DAW to finalize and mix your production. You’ll soon realize MASCHINE is a powerhouse capable of revolutionizing the way you make music.

In this video:

Producer and artist Justin Myracks, aka F Major, demonstrates the sampling capabilities of Maschine, and its compatibility with MPC programs.

Poise is the BEST mpc style drum sampling software available

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Well if that is true remains to be seen;… checkout this simple and easy drum sampling software that let’s you layer and manipulate sounds like you would on an mpc, mv 8800, or asr

the sound gets a lil distorted in my video a few spots, but that was because I had the volume up too loud on some of the samples I played, it’s all good.

Sneak on a new pad-based groovebox

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FXpansion has released a video that previews a new product called offering sampling, resampling, slicing, sequencing, effects and mixing facilities

Reason 5 – micro tutorial on sampling

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If it was good for Trevor Horn, The Beastie Boys, and pretty much every pioneering producer in the last 30 years… then it’s good for us too. Live Sampling is back in Reason 5 and Record 1.5. But before you start pitching your burp noises up 3 octaves we thought we’d teach you the basics of the process.

Live Sampling in Reason 5

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Live Sampling is coming in Reason 5 and since we will all be sampling like madmen I wanted to cover some NN-XT sampler tips and tricks. This week I dig in my own toolbox of production tricks when I am using the NN-XT.

Ever wonder how to get a stutter or glitch edit on a vocal? Maybe you want to play the sound of a TR-808 kick drum as a bassline… all this and more is covered in detail in this week’s episode.

Sampling in Reason 5 – Day 4

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Remember the time when samples were something you sampled and not loaded from your hard drive? When a sampler was a machine that could record samples, not just play them back.

As samplers became software instead of machines, they came to rely on external sample editing software for recording and editing the samples and the art of spur-of-the-moment creative sampling was pretty much lost. Now we are bringing it back to Reason 5 with its live sampling input.

All sample players in Reason are now samplers. Just hook up a sound source to the rack’s sampling input and you are ready to start sampling. Use a mic, a turntable, an instrument or the entire Reason mix.

Sampling in Reason is simple and straightforward. Hit the sample button and Reason starts sampling. Reason will detect the sample start automatically. You can sample when Reason in running too if you like – no need to stop the music.
If needed, bring up the built-in sample editor to set start and end points, loop points and more. This is possible for all loaded samples by the way – not only the ones you have sampled.

As always, Reason lets you focus on music making – and sampling in this case. All samples are neatly stored in our song file and accessible in the new samples pane in the tool window. Here you can easily see what samples are loaded into what machine and delete and export samples as you wish.

Live sampling together with pitch detection of root key and automatic zone mapping makes it dead easy to sample an instrument and map the samples across the keyboard. This way you’ll create your own multi-sampled instruments for NN-XT and NN-19 in an instant.

Live sampling – coming in Reason 5.

Peter Gabriel's tutorial on sampling from 1982

December 7, 2009 · Posted in Electronic Music · Comments Off on Peter Gabriel's tutorial on sampling from 1982 

The video has some awesome footage of Peter Grabriel and company recording found sound and manipulating sound from the Farilight. He also discusses the use of non-lyrical human voice in music.

And here is one with maestro Herbie Hancock in action:

Herbie shows off while Quincy Jones looks on. Taken from VHS recording of 1984 documentary “I love Quincy”…

Enjoy !

New release of E-MU's Emulator® >> X3

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E-MU Systems announces the Emulator X3 Streaming Sampling Synthesizer, which offers both 32-bit and native 64-bit applications, multi-processor and multi-threading support. X3 also does away with the E-MU hardware lock, so feel free to defiantly hurl your dongle into the nearest body of water.

E-MU’s Emulator® X3 is the world’s most powerful and complete software sampling tool in the world, featuring E-MU’s new Xstream™ streaming sound engine with a up to 192kHz sampling and playback, 32-bit and 64-bit native applications for both Windows XP and Windows Vista, an arsenal of automated sampling/beat analysis/editing tools and almost unlimited sound manipulation that builds on E-MU’s 35 years of synthesis experience.

With Emulator X3, you reap the benefits of E-MU’s Xstream streaming sound engine with up to 192 kHz sampling and playback, a range of tools for analyzing and editing samples and beats and so much sound manipulation that the only limit is your imagination.

Also new in X3 is the Region Xplode Beat Slicer. This feature turns your drum recordings into MIDI files. Xplode takes a selected region, generates new voices and maps new regions to MIDI notes. TwistaLoop analyzes and exports a song’s Tempo Map. This allows users to synchronize rhythm tracks to performances recorded off a click.

Finally, the Xtractor is an audio manipulation tool new to X3 that cuts or boosts audio levels in regards to stereo positioning and frequency. It’s easy as pie to remove, isolate or pitch shift specific parts like vocal lines, basses and more. It also provides visual display for each instrument as to where it lies in stereo space.


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