Analogue Modular in sync with Reaktor Space Drone

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Heavy stuff I must say, enjoy

Dark Ambience theme made mainly with the A-100 Analog Modular System. for some harmonic elements i included a layer from Reaktor Space Drone and 2 samples from Novation X-Station. The beat at the end comes from Roland MC-909.

Absynth SoundScape – A Space Odyssey

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Sound Design I did in Absynth. I had in mind the great monolith scene in Stanley Kubricks film A Space Odyssey. I modulated the pitch of all 3 oscillators very slowly in time to achieve tone clusters at various points in the piece.

The Teletron

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My version of the Teletron, a mind-to-synthesizer interface conceived by Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo based on Mattel’s Mindflex game. Using a wireless (2.4ghz) headset, my brainwaves are converted to a variable DC voltage. This voltage can be used as a control voltage for analog synthesizers.

What you are hearing is the Moog Voyager modulated by my brain waves amplified and converted to voltage. The DC output of the Mindflex is routed to the Moog CP-251 and sent to the Voyager’s pitch and filter as well as the rate of the Moog Murf.

Parseque Galaxy Tour

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Just a nice spacage video to start off the week with:

Kleiner Ambient Track ausschließlich mit meinem Hartmann Neuron.

Crickets From Outer Space

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“Crickets From Outer Space” by New Wave Solar Powered Robots – Its Robots vs. Crickets in this Sci Fi animated music video. NWSPR recorded this track using three bass guitars, analog synthesizers, vocoder and drum machines.

Space exploration music app

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Demo of an interactive RjDj scene for iPhone and iPod Touch. Go to for more info and the download link.

ARP Odyssey – a journey on Mars

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Cool video from a live performance, very space ambient

Synthesizer live performance (excerpt) by Bruno Ender Lee; ARP Odyssey Mk III, Moog Little Phatty Stage II & Roland JP-8000. Friday, November 12. 2010 in Goldau (SZ) as supporting act to Bruno Stanek’s “Flugjahre zum Mond

Impressive synth space music journey

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The long journey to the Dog Star.
A live recording of the modular synthesizer.

via David Ryle

Just for fun…

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…ET plays on mpc

Sub-atomic sounds from Universe

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Here’s a link to some audio samples from The European Organization for Nuclear Research’s (CERN) Large Hadron Collider and computer room. Listen and download the samples: click here

“Above all, we want everyone to be able to share in the wonder and excitement of the greatest experiment ever built. We feel passionately that everyone is capable of appreciating what is happening at CERN and that it is the responsibility of those of us already `in the know’ to find new and better ways of sharing the awe-inspiring magnificence of it all. The LHC belongs to us all; you paid for it to be built and you will enjoy the technological advances it brings.” –

For more info:

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