New releases from Welle:Erdball, Covenant, Skinny Puppy, Die Krupps

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Coming up on SPV (these release dates are not final):

  • WELLE:ERDBALL – Operation Zeitsturm DVD+CD out feb./march: Announced for ages – the movie by/featuring Welle:Erdball plus exclusive CD!
  • COVENANT – Modern Ruin CD/2CD out feb./march: 4 years after “Skyshaper” and 3 years after their last official release “In Transit”, Covenant return with an all new full-length album. There will also be a limited 2CD edition.
  • DIE KRUPPS – New album CD/CDL out march/april: Legendary German electro-pioneers DIE KRUPPS announce an all new album for spring 2010. Available in two different editions.
  • SKINNY PUPPY – New album CD/CDL out march/april: Skinny Puppy return with their follow-up to “Mythmaker” towards march/april next year. Also their album should be available in two different editions.
  • FUNKER VOGT – New album CD/CDL out march/april: also Funker Vogt announce a new album, following their “Warzone” Live-double CD and double-DVD.

SPV finally announces new releases for Welle:Erdball, Covenant, Die Krupps, Skinny Puppy and Funker Vogt
And there is some good news coming in from SPV. With Sony Music Entertainment Germany backing up the Hanover-based independent music company SPV, Sony Music had already started distributing a large part of SPV’s repertoire on the latter’s behalf starting October 1, 2009. They now also announced approximate release dates for several of their more famous electro signings. More details of these releases after the jump!

The extensive partnership with Sony will have a duration of several years and includes an option for Sony Music to buy SPV in the end. The partnership was the only way of maintaining the company’s business operations up until the present day. SPV has been in business for 25 years. Up until its insolvency, it had over 80 employees and generated sales of more than €80 million ($113.7 million) a year.

In May 2009 the German label SPV had sent out a message to its business partners saying that they had to initiate insolvency proceedings.

Welle:Erdball single released on CD

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German electro-pop act Welle:Erdball’s single, Ich Bin aus Plastik, is available now on CD. Originally released as a limited edition vinyl single, Ich Bin aus Plastik was first issued in April of this year and sold out immediately. The CD edition features four exclusive bonus tracks as well as two versions of the title track, but does not include the cover of Kraftwerk’s “Die Roboter” that was included on the vinyl version. Welle:Erdball are currently on tour in Germany; visit the links for more information.


New single with Welle:Erdball due in February

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Rumors has it that it will be released on Feb 23rd and it is called “Ich bin aus Plastik”. You can see the cover of the upcoming single here and if you are strong in german, feel free to follow the text and links below :-)

Zwar gibt es leider noch kein offizielles Releasedatum für die neue Welle: Erdball – Single “Ich bin aus Plastik” (ausser das es irgendwann im Februar diesen Jahres sein wird), dafür aber schon folgende Infos über die enthaltenen Gimmicks: Eine Spühschablone, eine Autogrammkarte und ein 3D-Wackelbild. Die limitierte Vinylversion wird zudem in rosa Farbe(!) erscheinen.

Erste Eindrücke des fertigen Coverartworks könnt Ihr hier bewundern:

Evening VW Käfer Tribute

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Just blogging during a conference call at work :-)




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