Saw, square and triangle wave comparison

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Here you find a nice demo of side by side comparison on basic waves from 3 synths

Roland GAIA SH01 Blofeld Nanozwerg

The new Apple "banjo" synth

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8BitWeapon has announced a new Apple II Digital Music Synthesizer:

The DMS is the only wavetable synthesizer for the Apple //e, IIc, and IIc+ computers that is suitable for performance use.

It supports up to 8 voices, which can be selected from the 10 on disk, and played (monophonically) from the Apple II keyboard. It can be used to “record” a performance for later playback as well. Also, the DMS doesn’t require a monitor! Just turn on your Apple II and when the drive light goes off. Then hit the space bar you’re ready to play live!

Sounds on disk are: Acoustic Piano, Vibraphone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, square wave, sawtooth wave, sine wave, and (for Bud Melvin)… Banjo!

Requirements: A2.DMS requires an Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, or IIgs computer with 80-column capability, at least one 5.25” floppy disk drive. Monitor is optional.

Listen to it here >>

Puremagnetik Waveframe

October 5, 2009 · Posted in Electronic Music · Comments Off on Puremagnetik Waveframe 

Waveframe is a an advanced wavetable synthesizer designed exclusively for the features of Ableton Live. Based on the Ensoniq Fizmo, Waveframe contains over 1700 wavetable samples, over 30 waveform Live Racks and a generous selection of performance patches.


Review of PLP's latest EBM Industrial loop release

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PLP has been kind enough to send me one of their latest loop releases for review. It’s called Industrial EBM, which I thought was very appropriate considering what this blog is all about; electro, EBM, synth music type stuff.

And I must say that one of the hardest things to find in loop universe is good, fat EBM bass loops – it really seems like everyone keeps these to themselves. PLP has actually thrown in a couple of high class EBM loops that I wouldn’t mind using in my songs, but greedy as I am, I of course want more of the same :-)

Overall impression is that this loop library is a very good start for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the industrial/EBM scene; several nice intro sounds and drum samples are available. I am especially fond of those that give that metallic feeling to the beat; good metallic sounding beats are fairly hard to get by. They have also added an entire section of midi-files that might trigger your creativity, although they do not take you all the way, which is not the intention either of course.

Apart from wanting more bass loops (as I always do) I think this loop release is good value for money, but (there always has to be a but) I would down prioritize on the one shot drum samples for the next release, since the market is totally swamped by one shot drum sounds and special FX sounds and very easy to come by.

I am very much looking forward to the next release in this field there are too few and PLP has shown us the way.

Find out more here >>

The new Ableton Operator – keyboard blessing

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Ableton has announced that when Live 8 ships there will be an also provide an update Ableton Operator. Ableton is calling it a “major overall”. Feeling the ill effects of software synth overload, you may have glazed over when Ableton announced it was making its own FM synth, exclusively for Live. Ableton has built an easy-to-use, great-sounding instrument that integrates classic analog and digital synth sounds with Live’s beat-synced and envelope-shaping powers. Finally, it’s Ableton software for keyboard players.

So what’s new?

  • User Waveforms: Draw your own waveforms by adjusting the amplitudes of each oscillator’s harmonics. You can also edit the built-in waveforms. So, it’s like a mini-additive synth.
  • Feedback is now available for all oscillators that are not being modulated by another oscillator. This should provide for some pretty interesting possibilities.
  • New filter types: New ladder modes and SVF filters bring the total number of Operator’s filter types to fourteen.
  • There is also a frequency response curve view in the filter display and an integrated waveshaper in the filter, featuring an adjustable drive amount and four curve shapes.
  • The filter, LFO and pitch envelopes now feature adjustable slopes, like those found in Sampler.
  • There’s a new MIDI modulation section in the global display, with multiple destination and amount settings for five MIDI control sources. We’ve also added new modulation options for the LFO and pitch envelope.

Watch video from Ableton:


Closer look on Peak Pro 6.0.4

January 28, 2009 · Posted in Electronic Music · Comments Off on Closer look on Peak Pro 6.0.4 


Peak is an unusual tool, in a way, in that it remains a stereo waveform editor only, whereas most of its competitors have added multitrack compatibility. On the other hand, Peak also bundles an unusually rich set of tools in the box, which explains the higher price of the full-blown Pro versions.

Peak Pro comes bundled with a wealth of goodies. There is, of course, the program itself, along with SoundSoap LE, Bias’ excellent noise remover; WireTap Pro, an audio capture tool; a bundle of 32 VST effects from Maxim Digital Audio; and the wonderful SFX Machine LT plug-in, which contains nearly two dozen unusual effects.

Third-party AU/VST effects and instrument plug-ins are supported too.

Additionally, you get a suite of analysis tools in the form of Bias Reveal LE, a gorgeous four-band EQ, Bias Sqweez dynamics, and the dynamite Vbox plug-in matrix.

As if that wasn’t enough, AMG’s ONE sample player is included, along with audio files from PowerFX, Hollywood Edge and Sound Ideas. Believe it or not, the XT version gives you even more, adding SoundSoap 2 and SoundSoap Pro, along with the Master Perfection Suite.

If you’re an experienced Peak user, you’ll notice immediately that the interface has been given a bit of spit and polish for this version. Peak has always had a reputation for being very easy on the eye and, more importantly, easy on the brain, and that approach is maintained here.

What’s New in this Version
– Add support for transferring recordings from iProRecorder via WiFi.
– Fixed a problem where CD-TEXT in a DDP fileset containing accented characters could have those characters missing on discs produced from that DDP fileset.
– Fixed a problem in which Playlist output could contain a burst of noise (i.e., in bounced files or burned audio CDs).
– Many more enhancements.

Electro loops and more from Beatmatch

April 8, 2008 · Posted in Electronic Music · Comments Off on Electro loops and more from Beatmatch is a new project aiming to provide fresh and original electro loops and dj tools for producers looking for fresh and cool sounds. soundlibraries and loop packs are great tools for modern music producers who want to explore new grounds or simply add a new  flavor to their unique music style. just released 2 new loop packs – “Mnml data” and “GTL.”

Mnml data Vol.1 is a compilation of 30 high quality tech house and minimal loops in WAV and AIFF format produced by Naucca. The “Mnml data” loop series is the perfect production tool for all you minimal sound lovers. Deep kick drums, crisp hi hats and trippy soundstructures.

GTL Vol.1 is a compilation of 30 high quality funky loops in WAV and AIFF format. The “GTL Vol.1” is the first release from Pinknoise, the new producer. Fresh drum patterns and syncopated beats makes this compilation really cool and interesting.

All loops are available for free  for non-commercial use at

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