Tech Vocals – new sample library in the Grid Machine Slice series for Kontakt

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Channel Robot has released Tech Vocals, a sample library is the Grid Machine Slice series for Kontakt.

Here are Volumes 2 and 3 of the best selling Minimal Tech Vox – a fantastic collection of snipped, glitched, processed and tweaked minimal vocal samples, produced specifically for the dance music producer.

Whether you are making Tech, Electro, Deep or Mainroom Dance Music – these samples recorded by pro session singers have been mangled, chopped and edited to provide you with the building blocks for some awesome grooves.

Featuring a killer selection of one word single shot samples, glitched vox sounds, vox stabs, Fx Processed Loops, vocal hooks and re-sequenced parts which together form a formidable collection of samples for any producer looking to introduce the human element to loops and sections of their productions, and now you can further process cut, mix, slice and glitch to produce completely unique content in Grid Machine Slice.

The sound library is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

Get it here >>

Tutorial: How to Make Nasty Filtered Bass in Massive & Ableton

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Ever wanted to find out how to create that effective glitch bass sound in Massive, then check this tutorial out:

BASS SOUND DESIGN COURSE:… How to make a glitch hop style bass patch in Native Instruments Massive synth using a saw wave oscillator, unisono detuning and pan spreading, bandpass and daft filters, macros, pitchbends, and filter frequency automation. Using Ableton Live as a host. Tutorial by Vespers, Certified Ableton Trainer.

Feral Glitch walkthrough video

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Using Percussa’s AudioCubes & Improvisor to Create Glitch Effects

Experimenting with glitch in Processing

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This little experiment plays with ‘polluting’ arrays of pixels depending on the sound level coming in.

There is a feedback loop on the sound, and every time the sound gets looped, it’s degraded to a much lower quality.

This was done as an exercise for the Generative Design class at

Taught by Joshua Noble and David Gauthier.

For more, please vist

Electronic music playlists on Spotify

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Check out our massive genre based play lists on Spotify:

8-bit/Chip Tune/C64
Electronica, Click & Cuts and Glitch
Berlin School and Ambient electronic music
IDM, Leftfield and Breakcore
Electro Funk and Skweee
Minimal Techno

Several days of electronic music per genre!

Modular Series – Shuffler 2.0.0

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This device allows you to rearrange incoming audio on the fly, it also allows these slices of audio to be glitched and reversed or muted…

All controllable via midi and with a running light that can be mapped to give visual feedback on a midi controller…

Part of the modular series which can be subscribed to at

Rough Trade Release Electronic Compilation – Electronic 11

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Rough Trade Shops’ latest compilation, Electronic 11, is due for release on the 16th January and looks set to be rather good. It gathers together a nice selection of music we’ve been posting about over the past year – everything from the synth-pop styles of Ford & Lopatin and John Maus through Azari & III’s fat, disco-leaning house to some bleak, bracing industrial/noise from the likes of Pansonic and Ekoplekz.

22 tracks, full sleevenotes. exclusive limited edition varnished sleeve available from rough trade shops only. the new rough trade shops compilation cd is aimed squarely at the new year. shiny, fresh, clean and minimal electronic music in your earphones provide the perfect soundtrack for the cold and frosty early january. as rob young writes in the sleevenotes – check emeralds’ mark mcguire’s glowing ‘alma’, which begins with a hymn; or nicolas jaar’s incantatory ‘space is only noise if you can see’, like a dubbed-out depeche mode. at the other end of the scale, prurient and keiji haino (in tandem with finnish sub-bass spelunkers pansonic) use the full throated roar and the abject howl of the avant garde and the hardcore. meanwhile, compare rustie’s dense ‘hyperthrust’, with its micro-events folded up and crammed into milliseconds, with alva noto’s ‘uni deform’ bitcrush collision, which emerges from the rarefied world of conceptual sound art. marcus schmickler, who can occasionally be found making exploratory post-rock as pluramon, sends your ears down a labyrinth of no return with the abstract operations of ‘discordance axis’, closely followed by ekoplekz’s hallucinatory tone-scrub, jarring and alienating as an mk-ultra mind-control experiment. in ‘and the world laughs with you’, brainfeeder’s shapeshifting boss flying lotus invites thom yorke to jack into a cybernautical call and response session. even the most outwardly conventional track here, hercules and love affair, has its house 4/4 scraped and sandblasted with gravelly patches of digital irritant. ford and lopatin’s ’emergency room’ is like some unearthly fusion of scritti politti and heaven 17; john maus’s swooning portamento synthi-fanfares summon up the fairlight manoeuvres of the thompson twins and blancmange. azari and iii’s ‘manhooker’ transports you back to sun-up at some orbital rave at the very close of that strange plastic decade” comprising sound art, dubstep, chill-wave, witch house, electro-pop, digital hip hop, tech-minimalism, electro-house, and metal-machine music supplied by labels such as editions mego, warp, blastfirstpetite, raster-noton, type, skam, tri angle and more. rte11 is selected by the staff at both london shops and is, stylistically, as varied a set of tracks that you would expect from us.

The full tracklist runs as follows:

Rene Hell – ‘Oxford Meter End’
Nicholas Jaar – ‘Space Is Only Noise If You Can See’
Flying Lotus – ‘& The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke’
Shackleton/King Midas Sound – ‘Deadman (Death Dub)’
Ayshay – ‘WARN-U’
John Maus – ‘Head For The Country’
Ford & Lopatin – ‘Emergency Room’
Rustie – ‘Hyperthrust’
Hercules & Love Affair – ‘My House’
Azari & III – ‘Manhooker’
Modeselektor – ‘Evil Twin’
Death Grips – ‘Guillotine’
Sensational meets Koyxen – ‘+weekend2 (remix work)’
Alva Noto – ‘Uni Deform’
Anne James Chaton – ‘Pop Is Dead’
Marcus Schmickler – ‘Discordance Axis’
Ekoplekz – ‘Critical Condition’
Pansonic & Keiji Haino – ‘If I Could Incarnate This Feeling Would You Consider It A Creation’
Prurient – ‘A Meal Can Be Made’
Solar Bears – ‘Twin Stars’
Mark McGuire – ‘Alma (Reprise)/Chances Are’
Ben Frost – ‘O God Protect Me’

Pre-order here >>

Da Pantz – Leech (Survival Tactics: Part 2)

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Time for some chip tunes and glitch I guess :-)

Da Pantz – Leech (Survival Tactics: Part 2), from “Survival Tactics.”

TENORI syncs MONOTRIBE – Chiptune Glitch Electro

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Details: MONOTRIBE sync’d to and filtering TENORI ON! Using the panning controls, I have sent a click track to the “sync in” of the MonoTribe, and “chiptune” style blips are sent to the “audio in”, and filtered in strange and interesting ways! Note the irregular beat structures used on both machines creating interlocking polyrhythms

Gross Beat Demo

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Gross beat is perfect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances. Gross Beat stores audio in a 2-bar rolling buffer under the control of 36 user definable time and volume envelopes, giving you unlimited creative control.

More info –

Gross Beat is a time manipulation effect designed for repetition and scratching effects.
Download the demo at the link above.
Thanks to Ed Chamberlain – for the Scratch Demo and nucleon – for the Performance and Gating demo seen in this video

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