GRP A4 filtering Acidlab MIAMI

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The mighty GRP A4 Synthesizer receives audio out from MIAMI Acidlab; signal goes into RingMod (with VCO 2), Env Foll (for VCFs articulation and Gate extraction). A small touch of AutoPan for animation…

MIAMI is an analog drumcomputer based on the circuits of the 808.

KORG iPolysix Copying Drum Tracks in One Shot

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Copying Drum Tracks in One Shot!
Here is another hidden charm for iPolysix users that copy drum tracks one at a time..

MR-808 – mechanic drum robot

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Let’s get physical: MR-808 is the first drum robot that reproduces the drum sounds of the 80s – in the real world.
The robot installation MR-808 is a replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808 – with robots playing the drum sounds! I (Moritz Simon Geist) have been playing electronic music for several years now, and at some place I was bored of the electronic music production process. With binary logic, everything is possible.
So I decided to go back to the roots of sound generation – the physical sound generation – but combine it with the electronic music structure we like so much.
I liked the idea so much, that I couldn’t stop building my own drum robots, and ended up replacing all the electronic sounds of a whole drum computer, placed in a 3,3 x 1,7m² case. I am very proud to present the “MR-808” – a mechanic replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808!
Read on:

MR-808 – mechanic sound robot (all drums, miced)
A mechanic relay controlled via arduino (bass sound)
Gameboy – Arduinoboy hardware (8 bit chiptune sound)
Everything was programmed in Ableton, only equing and compression has been applied.

Filmography: David Campesino
Music: Moritz Simon Geist

Tutorial: Netsky Style Drums (Drum and Bass Drums)

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Want to create a fat, punchy Drum and Bass break? Then this new video tutorial from Dorincourt is one to watch! Some great tips on drum processing and mixing.

deep inside frauAngelico drum synth

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Standuino frauAngelico
sample based drum synthesizer with microsampling possibilities and step-sequencer
More Info:
video by Felix Hüsken


– sample based polyphonic plaback (6 voices)
– 8 fully adjustable sounds for each preset that can be triggered by midi or by built in sequencer
– microsampling features to adjust the sound ( loop length, shift speed, start, cut)
– bitCrusher, pitchDown, softVolume
– sample rate knob
– step sequencer with record feature, tap tempo, pattern length and shuffle
– it can store 6 double-patterns (32 steps = 8 beats) in each preset
– 4 presets
– jump button
– mute button for individual sounds
– metronome
– optional double pedal input 3.5mm stereo jack connector for shift and monome button
– various sample banks available (TR-808, 8-BIT, BASIC)
– size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
– 5 knobs
– 3 switch menu buttons
– 4 big performance buttons
– 3 side hack buttons for aditional features
– 1 volume knob
– input voltage: 9V
– MIDI input( MIDI through by special cable)
– jack 3.5mm output

Syncing a SCI Pro One to a Linn LM-2 LinnDrum

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“A fellow VSE’r was needing helping syncing his Pro One to his LinnDrum, so I thought I make a quick tutorial video. Remember to enter the LAST note of your sequence into the ProOne’s sequencer FIRST (thanks Howard Jones for that tip).”

Bass Kleph shares his tricks for Maschine performances

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Austrialian tech house producer, live remixer and finger drummer Bass Kleph shares some of his tips and tricks he uses when building a performance on his Maschine.
Learn more about Maschine here:
Check out Bass Kleph’s site here:

Impaktor Drum Synthesizer app for iPhone & iPad with Drum Sticks! – Demo and Looping Jam

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Impaktor for iPhone and iPad (universal app) is a drum synthesizer that you trigger with your device’s built in microphone. The app is EXTREMELY accurate in perceiving the volume (velocity) of the notes you play, and even can trigger different tones from the synth with different sounds. “The real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone are used as an excitation source for advanced sound modules that simulates behavior of membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings. This makes Impaktor a highly responsive and expressive instrument.”

Noisepad V2.0 Tutorial

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Noisepad is a user friendly drum computer, sequencer and beat creator made specifically for live performances and instant result.
It has been designed to give you the most functionality and fun without having to go through a steep learning curve. After installation you’ll find 5 preloaded soundbanks of 12 samples each, ready to start the beat making. You’ll be bouncing your head within 5 minutes, that’s a promise!
The onboard sequencer allows you to program up to 12 patterns on-the-fly, each with their own duration (1 — 99 bars). Switching between patterns is seamless; the sequencer makes sure the next pattern starts when the current has finished. Apply effects to the pattern, mute samples or have them playing solo on your command. Adjust the Beats Per Minute with precision or by tapping at the speed of the beat and add a bit of swing to make the beat feel just right.
It adds a new dimension to your live-sets, parties and all places where you want to make noise. Synchronize the BPM with the music you’re playing and add a little bit of your own flavor to it, or simply trigger the samples by hand. Real-time effects such as pitch, delay, cut-off, phase, reverb and bit-crush will bring your noise to life.
Organize the samples into your own custom soundbanks using the built-in organizer. Once you’re done playing with the packaged samples, the in-app shop provides additional soundpacks to discover or you can load your own samples using iTunes File Sharing for unlimited possibilities.
Noisepad v1.0 was released in 2011 by iPhonk a division of MediaGROE BV

version 2.0

Organize samples
– Organize samples into Soundbanks, drag ‘n drop them onto buttons and swap them around
– Create as many Soundbanks as you like
– Overview of all Soundbanks, purchased Soundpacks and custom samples
– Rename or remove Soundbanks
– Rename user samples

Sequencer / Record
– Real-time sequencer: record your beats on the fly
– Record up to 12 patterns, each with own variable length (1 – 99 bars)
– Export pattern to WAV file
– Erase single instrument from pattern or the whole pattern at once
– Switch seamlessly between patterns: the next pattern is started after the current finishes
– Copy / Paste patterns to other slots by holding the pattern button
– Configurable BPM and Swing
– Tap button to adjust BPM easilly
– Toggle FX: effects applied to both pattern + tap pads or only tap pads
– Jam with the tap pads while the pattern repeats

New Soundpacks in the shop
– Bong-ra Hardcore
– Bong-ra Drum ‘n’ Bass
– Bong-ra Dubstep
– Loopbased We Love 808
– Loopbased Dirty South Flava

– Two new *free* preloaded soundpacks
– Hold: press down starts sample, release stops it
– Set the volume of each sample individually
– Mute individual samples or let one sample play solo with a single button press


- Each bank holds 12 samples
– Load unlimited samples, switching between banks doesn’t stop samples
– User samples: Use file sharing in iTunes
( .caf / .wav / .mp3 / .aif audio files, 22khz / 44khz / 48khz, stereo/mono )
– Organize samples into Soundbanks, drag ‘n drop them onto buttons and swap them around
– Create as many Soundbanks as you like
– Overview of all Soundbanks, purchased Soundpacks and user samples
– Rename or remove Soundbanks
– Rename user samples

- Buy Sound Packs from various artists / producers for just $ 0,99 cent per pack.

- Play: real-time sequencer
- Rec: Record your beats on the fly
– Metronome: keeps you on-beat while recording
- Effects: Toggle effects on/off for patterns
- Pattern: Record up to 12 patterns, each with own variable length (1 — 99 bars)
- Erase: Single instrument or pattern
– Hold patterns for 2 sec. to copy and / or paste pattern

Rhythm settings
- BPM: Set BPM manually
- Tap: Tap button for BPM
- Bars: Each pattern has variable length (1-99 bars)
- Swing: Set amount of swing (0% – 100%)
– Export individual patterns to a .wav file
– Share samples/patterns between apps with AudioCopy/Paste
Sample settings
– Cut: Triggered sample cuts previous sample
- Hold: Press down start / release stop sample
- Volume: Set the volume for each sample
- Mute: Mute individual samples
- Solo: Play a sample solo
- Mic-in: Record mic-in audio for sample *soon available*
Effects panel
- Pitch: Slide bar from 0% to -100% or +100%.
- Delay: Slide bar from 0% to 100%
- Reverb: Slide bar from 0% to 100%
- Cut-off: Slide bar from 0% to 100%
- Phase: Slide bar from 0% to 100%
- Crush: Slide bar from 0% to 100%
- Dry / wet: Set effect strength from 0 t

Bias BS-2 Synth Drum Percussion

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Demo of a classic vintage and rare drum synth – Bias BS-2 Drum Percussion: Bias (Ishibashi Japan) Drum Analog Synth Module.

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